Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Siblings #1 - Bringing Home A Brother!

This month is the very first month I can join in with the Siblings linky run by Dear Beautiful and I'm so excited about it!

I think a sibling relationship is one of the most special in anybodys lifetime and I'm so excited to document my little boys relationship as brothers here on my blog.

2 weeks ago, at 2 years old... Tyne ceased to be the Only Child in our we brought home Noah from the hospital.

Tyne had been excited for Noah's arrival for months, but I'm not sure he knew exactly what to expect from this baby we had all been talking about for so long!

Tyne first met Noah in the hospital when my mum brought him in to visit us and he was absolutely DELIGHTED with him!

We caught the moment on this little home video and I'm so glad we did as I think it will be so lovely for them to look back on when they're older.

Since we got home, Tyne has adapted so well to his new role as Big Brother.

He asks numerous times every day if he can hold the baby...which we let him do as long as we're supervising...he can be a little bit heavy handed as he's so young but generally he's very good and considerate of Noah...he tells me "Be careful Mummy" whenever I hand the baby over, and he loves to stroke Noah's face and say "It's ok Noah, don't be sad" whenever he cries.

 He loves to rock Noah in his chair, and whenever he hears him cry he comes running to one of us to tell us "Noah is crying!" and takes our hand to lead us to Noah to help him....

One of my favourite things is to hear Tyne tell Noah that he loves him, which he does all the's part of his bedtime routine to give Noah a little goodnight kiss and he always says (totally unprompted by us) "I wuv you Noah!".

 He still loves to just sit and stare at Noah, and examine every little detail about him...he points out his little hands and feet, his eyes, and he strokes his hair and asks us what colour it is and what colour his own is...he seems to be trying to work out the similarities between them.

He often asks Noah to talk to him, and I know he's looking forward to a time when Noah will be old enough to be his little play much as I love having a newborn and want to keep Noah small for as long as possible, I also can't wait to see them start to play together and form a little friendship.

Tyne is very protective of "His baby" already...when his cousins came to visit he insisted that they "Don't break" Noah, and told off his eldest cousin for getting too close!

Even when Noah is sleeping in his crib, Tyne will keep going over to check on him...stroking his head or holding his hands over the crib sides, or even just settling down with his toy trains next to the crib as Noah sleeps...always watching over him and on hand if he starts to cry.

I'm really proud of how well Tyne has adapted to our family becoming a foursome, and I can't wait to see his bond with Noah grow over the coming months.

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