Friday, 17 April 2015

Staying Safe On The Roads

Once you become a parent, the number of every day things that suddenly become worrying are increased x 1,000 ... or at least in my personal experience!

I've always been quite a worrier, but since Tyne was born it suddenly seems like even the most ordinary thing is filled with potential hidden dangers.

I can no longer run a bath and go downstairs to fetch some towels without having to worry about whether I remembered to close the bathroom securely incase he finds his way out of bed and into the bathroom and somehow falls in!

I can't leave the front door unlocked incase he opens it and wanders out into the road when I've nipped to the loo...and equally I can't lock the front door and leave the key too far out of reach incase there's a fire and we can't find them to get out!
Yes my mind is constantly filled with these worries and anxieties, it's pretty exhausting!

One of my biggest concerns is car safety - statistics say that each individual has a 90% chance of being involved in some kind of road accident at some point in their lives, which is terrifyingly high!

But there are things you can do to try to ensure yours and your childrens safety.

1) Choose a safe & reliable family car

Experts at Euro NCAP examine nearly all new cars for safety, and award each model with a star rating out of five after a series of tests so this is a great place to check before purchasing a family car. In recent tests, the Volvo v40 came out on top for safety among small family cars.

2) Keep up to date with safety checks & services

Make sure your car's engine, brakes, transmissions, suspension and tyres are in good condition (companies such as are great for this!) and of course ensure that seatbelts are properly fitted. 

3) Ensure child safety seats are compliant with the law and properly fitted

With laws on car seats changing often it can be difficult as a parent to stay up to speed, but ensuring that your childs car seat is compliant with regulations and properly fitted can be lifesaving.

Always check official government websites for the most up to date information on car seat regulations rather than trusting any other source:

4) Don't drink & drive

The safest way to avoid possible accidents due to the influence of alcohol is of course to abstain from drinking and driving completely, but if you're at a social event such as a wedding with your family it can often be tempting to have a glass of wine or two - and difficult to know your limits as they differ for every individual depending on factors such as body weight and height.
Insurance Revolution have created this helpful drink drive calculator which may be useful in this circumstances.

5) Don't buy second hand car seats

It can be almost impossible to tell, just by looking, if a second hand car seat has been damaged in an accident or dropped which makes buying second hand car seats unsafe.  It may be safe to use a seat a friend or family member has given you, but only if you know for certain it’s not been damaged or dropped, and it fits your car properly. 

*Post in collaboration with Insurance Revolution

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