Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Ordinary Moments: Family Time

This week has been the first since Noah arrived into our lives that I have been feeling back to normal again.

I'm almost fully healed after the c-section now, and finally starting to feel human so I've been enjoying getting back to a bit of normality.

We've been getting out and about more this week - from days out shopping for some non-maternity clothes and a summer wardrobe for Tyne, to days just having fun at the local park - it's been lovely to just be out enjoying the sunshine we've been having.

This week my parents came to visit, and when Noah was born we made a pact that whenever my parents were around we would take advantage of having a babysitter so that we could do two very important things...

1) Have some Mummy, Daddy & Tyne time

and 2) Have a Date Night!

We managed to achieve both this week, and I feel so much better for it!

On Monday, my parents looked after BOTH boys for the whole day - which gave me the chance to catch up on the housework and odd jobs around the house as well as get more up to date on my work - and when the evening rolled around, Jon & I got ourselves ready and took ourselves off the cinema for the first time in over 2 years! (If you don't count Peppa Pig...which I don't!)

We went to see Cinderella (My choice, clearly!) and I absolutely adored it! We pigged out on hot dogs and ridiculously over priced chocolate, and had such a nice relaxing evening. It really is so nice to just have time to be yourselves again without being Mummy & Daddy for just a few hours! I can't tell you how alien it felt to not have nappies in my bag! 

Sadly there are no photos from our date night as I decided that date night meant NO phones or cameras for a change! Which was actually quite a relief! 

On Thursday, we set about having some Mummy, Daddy & Tyne time...this is something we decided to do before Noah was born as we were worried about Tyne feeling pushed out when his little brother arrived.

This week our day out was at Pennywell Farm which is somewhere I'd heard lots about but never actually visited before.

Farms aren't really my thing if I'm honest...I'm scared of most animals and the smells don't appeal to me! ... but I wanted Tyne to see the animals and I thought he'd enjoy getting to stroke and cuddle them too.

We spent the afternoon looking at all the various animals, going on the rides, and having fun in the soft plays and parks dotted around the farm yard.

These days were very much how our Ordinary Moments were spent last year...the three of us out and about, having days out, exploring, making of course these moments as a 3 are something much more extraordinary.

It was lovely to spend time one on one with Tyne again although we all missed Noah too...infact I think Tyne missed him more than anyone as he kept asking where he was!

We also filmed a little vlog of our family time as well as some days out we had with Noah this week too...feel free to have a watch below!

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