Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Ordinary Moments: A New Baby Boy

This week I thought I'd join in The Ordinary Moments with something that's actually not so ordinary...this last week saw the arrival of a new little person into our lives...something that doesn't happen very often at all!

But as extraordinary a moment as that also feels like little Noah has never not been part of our feels as though he's always been here, and always been part of our little family unit.

This week has been full of lots of hustle bustle, with visitors coming to see the new arrival, cards and gifts arriving and so on...and of course our little family of 3 just getting used to having a fourth member around.

My nieces and nephew came to visit this week to meet their new baby cousin, and they were delighted with him...the girls in particular love to have a baby to dote on!

My living room is over flowing with cards, flowers and gifts for Noah & I - we've been overwhelmed by everybodys kindness and thoughtfulness.

Of course this week has also been Easter!

I was only a few days post c-section when Easter rolled around and I had worried that I wouldn't feel up to doing anything nice to celebrate - I ended back up in hospital on Good Friday as my stitches opened up, but luckily by the time Easter Sunday came around I felt much better and was able to get out of the house for our first outing with our two boys!

We headed just down the road to Torquay where we had a nice leisurely stroll around a Continental market and Tyne had fun on the bouncy castles and trampolines.

We stopped to an enjoy an ice cream and share some yummy paella from the street vendors.

We had an easter egg hunt in the garden, and a delicious lamb roast dinner - on Easter Monday we visited my sister for more Easter fun for the kids, all dressed in our best matching Easter Nautical outfits of course!!! 

So yes...this week has been hectic, chaotic, life changing, tiring, emotional, and crazy...but there have also been moments here and there where we've been able to glimpse how life will be once things have settled down...moments like this one I captured...where the four of us are just sitting in the living room, each going about our business...

Life with two little boys around is now our new "ordinary" and we're so excited for the all the Ordinary Moments the future will bring!

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