Friday, 3 April 2015

Toddler Watch: Tyne At Two!!

Dear Tyne,

Well today is a sad day for is the day I have had to admit defeat and switch the name of your updates on the blog from Baby Watch to Toddler Watch!! *sob*

I can't believe you are 2 whole years old now.

What happened to that teeny weeny little 6lb 13 oz baby I brought home from the hospital, who was too tidgy to even fit into newborn clothes and had to wear Tiny Baby outfits for the first 4 weeks of his life?!!

To be're not actually all that much bigger now!'re quite dinky for your age really and still wearing 12-18 months in trousers! I do hope you grow into more of your 18-24 stuff soon coz otherwise I'll have wasted a fair bit of money!

You've changed a lot since your last update at (almost) 22 months...whenever I write these updates I always think that not much has changed since the last one, but when I look back I'm always surprised by how much more you're doing now and how much you've grown up!

So let's have a look at how you're getting on...


You are doing great with bedtime at the moment. I'm not sure how much that might change when your baby brother arrives (I'm writing this a week before he's due), but for've been doing great.

You've started to ask to go to bed most nights, usually between 7.30-8pm.

Daddy always takes you to bed, but you have started to learn little ways of sneaking an extra five minutes play usually cry to "cuddle Mummy" when he tries to take you up to bed, come and sit on my knee and ask for a story or a've also recently started to ask to go to the toilet once you're in bed, and when we sit you on there you don't need to go at all....little monkey!

Most nights you settle well into your own bed, but sometimes you do ask to "cuddle in the big bed"...meaning in Mummy & Daddy's bed. You're doing this less frequently but when you ask we usually give in...we're weak like that!

Once you're asleep, you're down for the night and don't usually wake up until around 8.30 am...which is earlier than you used to wake but still pretty good as far as toddlers go I hear!


As for eating, you are still very good with your food although you have really started to dislike breakfast time.

You told me this morning that you don't like to eat in the morning...which I couldn't really argue with as I don't like eating breakfast myself and never feel hungry until later in the day!

You usually have a piece of toast with jam or some cereal though, and then a snack around 11 which is usually a banana.

You actively ask for snack, lunch and the day goes on you get greedier and your latest thing is to ask for a "carry in the kitchen"...which means you want to be lifted up to look in the cupboard where the biscuits and sweets are kept! 

You have started to show a few dislikes lately (up until now you ate literally ANYTHING put in front of you!) tell us that you don't like cucumber and whenever you have tried that or lettuce you screw your face up in disgust and spit it out, declaring that it "tastes like socks"...which is one of your new favourite expressions!

You also tell us that carrots and sprouts "Taste like socks" but you still eat those when they're put on your plate.

Your favourite foods are curry, pasta, pizza, mushrooms, tomato soup and cheese. 

And you have developed a real love of Kinder eggs and constantly ask for them!!

Speech & Interaction

Your speech is still improving every day and you seem to be doing really well. We recently had your 2 year check and the health visitor was very impressed with you, you seem to be ahead for your age as far as speech goes which isn't too surprising as you literally never stop talking!

You're much chattier than Mummy & Daddy are, I'm not quite sure where you get it from!

You come out with such funny things all the time lately, and have me and your Dad in stitches every day,

Some of our favourite of the phrases you say at the moment are:

"Tastes like socks!" - which is stated whenever you don't like something you've been given to eat or whenever you have to take some medicine, it's not said in a normal voice say it in a very disgusted voice!

"I don't like have to!" - which is stated whenever you're told that you have to do something...if we say you have to have your nappy changed, or you have to go to reply "I dont like have to!"

"Canned it be?!" - This is what you ask whenever you're opening something (like a Kinder egg) and you're wondering what's means "What can it be?" but it's far too cute to correct!

You are really getting into pretend play at the moment, and you often put capes/coats etc over your head and run around shouting "I'm a big Humpire...Ha Ha Ha!"...Humpire is the word you use for Vampire (I don't know why!) and you are OBSESSED with all things "spooky" after watching toddler Halloween songs on YouTube for months on end!

You also love to straddle the draft excluder and shout "I'm a witch! Riding my broomstick!"....quite the imagination you have!

You love playing with your toys, and will happily sit playing with your trains or making towers with your blocks for still love watching YouTube videos, and you like to put your train tracks together and then destroy them again...over and over!

You also love to help us at the have your own jobs like taking your little plastic table and chairs back through to the dining room after you've used like to be a "big helper".

We have noticed though that you're not very good at sharing! When your cousin Kier came over to your house recently you had a really hard time having to share your toys and you cried a lot! I hope you get better with that once your brother comes along!

What We've Been Doing

Since your last update, we've had two lovely family holidays to Bluestone Wales and Newquay in Cornwall which you enjoyed a lot.

We've also had a really fun day out to Peppa Pig World and spent lots of days at the beach, which is one of your favourite things to do!

We celebrated your 2nd birthday with a party, and we're now getting ready for you to become a big brother any day now!

How exciting!

That's all our news for this time.

Lots Of Love,

Mummy xoxo


I've just looked back at all your previous baby watches and I can't believe how much you've changed!

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