Saturday, 11 April 2015

Travel Plans With A Newborn!

Travelling is something that's never too far from my mind as there's just nothing I love more than a good holiday and right now I really feel like I could do with one!

The recovery from Noah's birth has been harder going than I expected and work stress has been quite full on in the recent more and more I find myself fantasizing about getting away from it all for a week or so to some far away place full of sandy beaches, sunny days and frozen alcoholic beverages! I spend my evenings flicking through websites offering amazing deals to Dubai and other such dream destinations.

Before Noah arrived we were considering a couple of different summer holiday options, including going on a nice summer cruise - cruise lines don't carry babies under 6 months old so this would mean leaving Noah behind with his grandparents while the three of us went on holiday.

I was fine with this idea while I was pregnant, just like I was fine with the idea of having a couples holiday in the months after Tyne was born....but then the babies are born and everything changes, and you realise that you were completely kidding yourself as there's no way you could even dream about going away and leaving your baby behind!

So...for that reason....a cruise has been ruled out until Noah is old enough to join us!

We had also considered going to EuroDisney in the summer, but again it wouldn't be an ideal place to take a baby as it would mean we were restricted with who could go on the rides with Tyne - and our visit to Peppa Pig World also made us realise that Tyne is perhaps a little young for Disney just yet anyway (His melt down when he had to say goodbye to Peppa Pig was not something I fancy repeating numerous times with Disney characters!).

And so it's right back to the drawing board!

Where to visit with a 2 year old and a new baby in tow, when you don't like flying, and you're not made of money?!!

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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