Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Why My Partner Is The Worst Driver I Know!

I've mentioned before on my blog that I am yet to actually take my driving test but I'm pretty confident in my driving abilities as a long-time learner! - and, despite not yet having earned that little bit of paper that says I can do it, I KNOW I'm a far better driver than Jon!

Jon himself would tell you that he's a great driver - but I beg to differ.

Infact, when we were recently given a hire car after our own was damaged by a supermarket delivery driver - Jon's inability to drive well was once and for all proven.

Our own car is an automatic you see, and - despite having passed his test in a manual - Jon was pretty incapable of driving it without bunny-hopping down the road for the first few miles of each journey.

Every traffic light we came to saw us stall, and spend the next 3 light changes trying to restart the car and get away before the red light re-appeared as a line of angry drivers honked and swore behind us.

Jon had forgotten which gear to use to go around corners so we winced as the engine screamed around every roundabout we happened upon,  he kept confusing the brake for the clutch on every gear change - we pretty much took our lives in our hands every time we ventured out in that hire car!

But it's not all bad - Jon is nothing if not a careful driver and he rarely gets close to the speed limit let alone over it - which at least is something that would be beneficial to him on More Than's Smart Wheels Insurance scheme which uses a telematics Driving Style Score to calculate smoothness & speed of each journey & rewards you with cash incentives for good driving.

But the negatives do outweigh the positives - on a recent holiday to Cornwall Jon managed to misjudge how tight a particular corner was as he tried to turn into a side street and scraped the car along a wall as he tried to manouvre us around it.

Our car is now left with a lovely dent in the front and half of the paintwork missing from the passenger side.

He's also twice managed to reverse into stationary vehicles behind us (I don't know how or give up after a while...), and his super-cautious approach to driving long distance means it takes us about 3 x the predicted journey time to reach any destination as he insists on stopping every half an hour for a break (I'm all for being cautious, but he does take things to extremes!)

 Having said all of this...I suppose it can't be all that easy driving around with me in his ear about all of the above on every journey either...I am quite possibly the world's worst passenger!

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