Monday, 25 May 2015

A Few Of My Favourite Things: The Home Edition...

I feel like my blog has been heavily focused on the kids over the past few weeks, which is fine of is predominately a parenting blog after all! But I do like to try and mix it up occasionally, so today I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite bits & pieces dotted around our home.

I'm not sure I have a set style when it comes to home decor - I'm definitely quite eclectic with my tastes and I'm definitely a bit magpie-like! I like sparkly things a lot, infact my current home decor trend crush is anything foil printed...I've yet to actually get my hands on any but I spend my evenings furiously pinning all the prints I want for my office/the dining room which I'm in the middle of planning a makeover for and turning into more of an office/playroom/very occasional dining room!
I've also got plans in mind for Tyne's bedroom as he needs more storage space for clothes - I'm thinking of investing in some shaker style wardrobes

Of course all of that will have to wait until the garden makeover is complete which is the current task in hand - one project at a time Hayley!!


The rest of our house is a variety of themes - my favourite room by far is our bedroom, which is all white and grey - my ultimate favourite colour combination.

I never want to change it too much because I love it just as it is, but I have recently added a couple of little touches in there...

I absolutely fell in love with these beautiful cushions from Graham & Brown as soon as I saw them - I love statement items and these grabbed me right away, they sit proudly on the storage box at the foot of my bed atop of my faux fur throw and I think they make a gorgeous addition to the room.

One thing I can never get enough of is storage - I seem to accumulate "stuff" - just lots and lots of random stuff seems to mount up in corners of every single room, and if I don't keep on top of storing it then we'd soon be climbing over piles of "stuff" to get anywhere!

So I have lots of wicker baskets and storage solutions dotted all around - such as this rather pretty one from GLTC which matches our bedroom decor perfectly. It was originally intended for Noah's nursery as a toy box as the chalkboard label space and the fact that they are stackable makes them ideal for this purpose but we ended up going with beige & tan for Noah's nursery colours and so the white wasn't suitable anymore - but luckily it looks great in our room and serves me well as a place to keep all of our various odds and ends such as my hairdryer and curling tongs, etc!

As much as I like to keep things organised, I do actually like a bit of "pretty" clutter too - and the top of my chest of drawers is adorned with lots & lots of jewelry holders, trinket boxes and other decorative bits & bobs - I love this gorgeous retro style clock which was a secret santa gift from Our Baby Blog and this cute birdcage from Home Bargains.

Of course, every make-up mad Mummy needs a dressing table and mine is my little haven! I'd love to be able to say that I spend hours in front of it every week preening myself but I don't have the time - but I still love just having it there as a little girly space, and for the 3 minutes it takes me of a morning to throw some make up on before the day begins - it is a very welcome and organised little place!

I use these stackable suitcases from Flamingo Gifts for storing my make up, face wipes, and other bits & pieces as I don't like to have those kinds of things out on show - I think they spoil the overall aesthetic of the dresser so I like to have them stored out of view, and the pastel colours and vintage feel and look of these cases suits perfectly! 

I love to have little phrases and messages dotted around too, and - like I mentioned earlier - anything a bit glitzy and/or kitsch is always a winner with me!

It's important to me to have a bit of character in my home - I've never been a fan of "Show homey" looking houses where everything is very slick & styled but you don't really get a feel for the people who live there - I think a house should reflect the people who reside there and so I love to echo our personalities in the accessories we have.

These are some of my favourites...

And in keeping with the "fun" theme - I do like to have other kinds of kitschy bits dotted around too, for example this Lady Ladle is one of my favourite things! 

Does anyone remember Mr Heckles apartment in Friends with the dancing lady clocks?! Yep...I would SO fill my home with things like that if I could!

Wicker baskets are another big love of mine - I've mentioned in my home tour post how I love to use them for storing bath toys, magazines, toilet rolls, etc - I would have them in every room if I could find a use for them!

I also have wicker laundry baskets on our landing - a tall one for grown up clothes and bedding, and a mini matching one for the kids clothes.

And. finally, I love to have lots of personalised things around the house too - we were recently sent this absolutely beautiful family key print from one of my favourite websites Getting Personal and I just adore it - each key is printed with the relevant family members name, which I think is just adorable.

I've also been working on a family photo feature wall this week, and this Family frame was something I bought as a centre piece for that - I've loved choosing different photos to go into it - I've included ones of the children, ones of myself and Jon with them, and one of each set of grandparents too - unfortunately Jon's parents passed away a long time ago and so our kids will only know them from the very few photographs he has - so I think its important to have them out on display and make them part of our daily lives in the only way that we can - from seeing them there on the wall each day.

So those are my current favourite bits & pieces around the house - what's your favourite item in your home?

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