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Cosatto Ooba Charleston: Review

We were recently given the chance to try out the Cosatto Ooba 3-1 Travel system, changing bag plus car seat and hold base, by the fabulous folks at Cosatto, just in time for Noah's arrival!

Now I know there are many travel systems available, each claiming to be safer, more practical and stylish than the next, however as soon as the Ooba arrived, I knew it was something special! 

Even the packaging is covered in fun Kitsch quotations such as ‘When stepping out on the pavement in town, one must always allow time for admiring glances’...I know these are not the selling points to most people but I think these little extras make a difference and things such as this can sway me! And sway me they did...the packaging had me convinced that this suited my style to the letter and I was so excited to start using it!

The Ooba is available in the Kimono and Duck egg styles (I personally love the Duck Egg design which we had a little stroll around with at last years baby show!) but the one we were sent is the Charleston design which is not only beautiful to behold but also a delight for baby! As we all know, black & white is nothing but eye candy for newborns and Noah was mesmerised by the monochrome interior every time we took him for a stroll - he spends the whole time smiling at the patterns!

The Ooba 3-1 comprises of Chasis, Carry Cot and Seat Unit. 

As previously stated, we were also sent the Ooba Hold Car Seat and Hold Belted In-Car base unit in matching Charleston. Not only is each component very stylish, they’re also very practical and lightweight, and all conform to current safety standards which of course is priceless and brings real peace of mind.

The car seat is so easy to fit - infact we regularly swap it between our car and Noah's grandparents car and it takes just seconds to do this. It is also so easy to transfer the car seat to the pram base for pushing around when you're in a bit of a hurry - personally I don't like to use this feature too often as I don't like Noah to spend too long in the car seat if it can be helped but when i`m just nipping in to the shops for a pint of milk it's a godsend to be able to simply unclip the carseat from its base and pop it onto the pram unit rather than go through all the hassle of getting him out and putting him back in!

The pram itself was so easy to assemble - an absolute dream compared to many that we've tried out in the past!

Here are some of the features incorporated in to the chassis alone:

*Lightweight aluminium 
*All round suspension for a smoother ride for your tots!
*Compact easy to fold and carry
*Leatherette handle which adjusts between 99-108cms (ideal for the taller among us!)
*Quick release handle mounted brake and wheels
*Lockable front wheels

 The Carrycot is again lightweight and features a carry handle built in to the hood. It’s suitable from birth (ideal for us), and Cosatto state it can also be used for occasional overnight sleeping as it is a lie flat comfy bed, perfect for Newborns, though we have yet to use it for this purpose (but may well do when we go for a short break in a few weeks time!). It also includes a patterned rain cover and reversible Cosy Toes.

I think this is the only pram I've seen that uses a patterned rain cover and I love this continuity of style!!

Features also include:

*Removable, washable liner
*Removable apron
*A UPF 50+ protection on the sunshade (very reassuring for Summer)
*Loops for toys built in to the reclining hood
*Two-way multi-handle with brake

The whole system is so easy to transport and assemble - it can be done in seconds as my other half has demonstrated previously. We have a small(ish) car with limited boot space, but due to the clever folding design of the chassis, we can fit both the chassis and lie flat cot in to our cars boot and still have room for shopping. A lot of thought has gone in to this and it shows.

We filmed a quick video showing our first ever attempt of getting the Ooba folded down and into car below, so you can see how easy it was!

With Noah being only 4 weeks old we have yet to test the Seat Unit, however we are looking forward to doing so and will post a review upon testing.

I really can't express enough how light this pram is and how easy it is to manoevre - infact the day we were out taking these photos, we left the pram next to the car with the brake off while we put Noah into the car and the slightest breeze actually blew it right across the car's THAT light!

As for being out and about? 

Well we’ve noticed some admiring (should that be envious?) glances, and Noah certainly enjoys a smooth, comfy cosy ride.  

And us? We're so impressed we’ve even recommended  the Ooba to our best friends expecting their baby in the summer!

The Cosatto Ooba travel system is priced at £800.00 - for more information please click here, or to see the whole range visit

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