Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Dressing Kids for a Big Event: Top Tips

Dressing kids for a big event can be a lot of fun, but it can also be an expensive hassle. Kids clothes don’t come cheap, and they can ruin whatever they wear almost instantly. To help you save a little money and dress your kids in the finest outfits, use these top tips:

Read Guidelines Carefully

Depending on the event, you might have some guidelines to work from. It may be a wedding, a school disco, or another event where you want your children to look their best. Make sure you know what kind of attire they’re expected to wear to make things easier. You’ll be disappointed if you go out and buy a brand new suit for your son when the school disco turns out to be fancy dress. Also, make sure you can distinguish suggestions from requirements. Sure, putting your son in a blazer is a nice idea, but it’s expensive if you don’t absolutely have to.

Rent Something

Instead of buying something new and only putting your child in it once, why not rent something? You’ll save money and won’t have a useless outfit lying around afterwards. This can save a lot of money and hassle. Just make sure your child won’t totally obliterate their outfit first, as this can cost you even more!

Have Them Try it On

Whatever it is you plan on putting your child in, make sure they try it on. Whether you’re looking at suits or communion dresses, make sure it suits your child. Most things suit most children, as they are naturally gorgeous. However, kids have different skin tones like the rest of us, and some colors will make them stand out more than others. I consider trying on a must!

Make Sure They’re Comfortable

There’s something a little more important than making your child look good: making sure they’re comfortable. It doesn’t matter if you have a baby or a little man/woman. If your child is uncomfortable, it’ll show and ruin the look. You don’t want them itching or messing with their clothes the whole time they are present at the event.

Dress With Their Personality in Mind

Kids have their own personalities, like we do. Dress them with their personality in mind. If your little girl is more like a classy 20 year old in the way she speaks and acts, then dress her in something classic and neutral. If your little boy is always the life and soul of the party, dress him in bright colors. It’s important you let them be kids, so don’t spend too much money on their clothes - it’s highly likely they’ll get stained and dirty. They’ll slide across the dancefloor on their knees and all sorts. Just let them get on with it! Fun accessories, like hair bows and bow ties can look great too. Just have fun with it!

I hope you love these tips and they help you to dress your kids perfectly. Leave any tips of your own below. Bye for now!

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