Monday, 4 May 2015

Entertaining Children Online

Kids these days tend to love nothing more than engaging in apps and games on tablet devices, but with so many available on the market it can be difficult to keep up with what's out there!

One site that my own nieces have been loving lately is this horse game one which links them to lots of great quality, fun games online around the theme of horse riding, horse farms and caring for horses. Starstable is a real favourite!

When I was a child I was completely obsessed with horses. I went to riding school every sunday, and after school I would take myself off to the farm each day to visit the shetland ponies and help to groom them and care for them. 

I was always scared of most animals but for some reason I found horses had a calming effect on me, and I enjoyed being around them.

When I wasn't riding or caring for horses, I was reading about them or playing with my Barbie riding school I fully understand why online horse riding games are such a trend among children today!

Many parents worry of course that spending too much time online or playing on apps can be damaging for children, but I think in moderation there is no harm done and there are many upsides too.

I believe that playing on apps and games has really helped my 2 year old son to develop his knowledge of colours and numbers, and playing jigsaw puzzle games online has helped him to become pretty nifty at putting puzzles together - both online and in reality.

The plus point of horse games is that you don't need to worry about any violence as you may with some other game themes around.

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