Thursday, 28 May 2015

From The Mouth Of A 2 Year Old...

Since Tyne started talking properly, I regularly find myself in stitches at some of the things he comes out with.

I thought I'd start sharing some of my favourites as I always find these posts funny when other people share them!


Me: It's time for bed now Tyne

Tyne: No! I don't like go to bed!

Me: You have to go to bed

Tyne: I don't like have to!

Me: It's half past 7 Tyne...

Tyne: I don't like half past 7!

Me: What do you want for dinner Tyne?

Tyne: Fishin Nuggets

Me: Chicken nuggets?

Tyne: No

Me: Fish fingers?

Tyne: No

Me: What then?

Tyne: Fishin nuggets!


A Jehovah's Witness has knocked at the door, Tyne has answered it with Jon...Jon is in mid-conversation with the man who has introduced himself as Kevin...

Tyne: (Points at Jehovah's Witness) Who's that?!

Jon: That's Kevin...

Tyne: I wanna cuddle Kevin!


Changing Noah's nappy, Tyne is watching...

Tyne - pointing to Noah's "Bits": Whats that?

Me - caught off guard: Erm...that's Noah's widgy

Tyne: Noah got a widgy

Me: Yep!

Tyne: I got a widgy too

Me: Yep...

Tyne: I got a biiiiig widgy!


In the car, about to drive away, Tyne's Grandad standing by car waving us off...

Tyne: Bye Gagand!

Gagand: Bye bye Tyne!

Tyne: Gagand?

Gagand: What?

Tyne: I got a big widgy!!


Me: Where shall we go to today Tyne?

Tyne: Go shop!

Me: What shop shall we go to?

Tyne: erm...Mothercurtains!


Tyne comes into the computer room and sits on my lap

Tyne: I wanna be like Mummy...

Starts "typing" on keyboard...

Tyne (while typing): Blah blah blah blah blah!


What are some of your favourite things your children have said?! As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Ha bless him, I hope you recorded the big widgy thing for future embarrassing opportunities x

    1. Lol I wish I'd caught it! Its forever recorded on the internet though at least ;) x

  2. Hahaha oh bless him! These are so funny, 'I have a big widgy' hahaha! Oh I can't wait until Ethan starts talking!! x

    1. Lol! He comes out with some corkers...I`m thinking of making it a regular feature lol x

  3. Haha loving this post, should defo be a regular thing. I work in a nursery so constantly in stitches as some of the things the toddlers come out with! x

    1. Lol he's actually come out with more classics today, I could definitely make it a regular thing! xx

  4. haha, all the best kids shop at mothercurtains! x

  5. Haha. Lovely. I can't wait until Eli talks properly

    Cat x


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