Thursday, 28 May 2015

How to Find a Holiday Bargain

Are you discovering that your friends are all finding great holiday deals but when you go to the travel agents you can’t find a holiday to fit your budget? Do you want to know the tips and tricks they are using to find great holiday bargains? Of course you do! Check out the tips below to make sure you find the holiday you are after, at the right price.  

Book before the rush 

Avoid booking a holiday abroad in the school holidays unless you really have to. If you do, due to school rules etc. start looking around six weeks before departure, rather than just two or three. That way you will be ahead of all the other late bookers. If you do have to travel during the holidays, try and avoid going away when the demand is high such as Easter and July as prices will be more expensive.


Ignore ‘promotions’ 

If you notice a holiday promotion that seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Remember that prices are moving about all the time to reflect supply and demand. Bear in mind, it is the overall costs that matters not how much you are saving. So have a budget you want to spend on your holiday and stick to that.  

Search the right sites 

Comparison websites such as Travel Supermarket are the best for you to find the right type of holiday depending on your budget. Think about what kind of holiday you want. Do you want a cheap and cheerful caravan holiday, cottage, break or maybe a luxury villa? Many websites have last minute deals as they need to get the rooms sold but make sure you read the fine print to see if it the right holiday for you and your family.  

Go independently 

Instead of booking a holiday deal; why not go on holiday independently? Booking a holiday package can sometimes limit your options so by booking your transport and accommodation separately you can tailor your holiday to a way that is perfect for you. A great resource to use is that allows you to search for the cheapest flights to any destination at any time. Then once you’ve find your ideal flights you can book your accommodation.  

Stay in the UK 

We sometimes forget just how beautiful the UK is. There are some fantastic places that we can visit no matter wherever you want somewhere to chill out or go and visit and learn more about our country. Great places to chill out are the likes of Cornwall and Wales where you can enjoy the picturesque views that come with being on the coast.  
If you to visit somewhere with more night life, then the likes of London, Manchester and Liverpool are always good choices. All you have to do is organise your transport whether that is via public transport or driving down yourself. You will also need to organise some accommodationThe likes of UKbreakaways are perfect to find the right accommodation for you as they have a great amount to choose from to suit all budgets.  

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