Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Mummy & Me: May

I've been meaning to join in with Nicola's Mummy & Me link up since it first started as it tied in so well with Noah's arrival, but of course - as always - life got in the way and I never seemed to have the right photos at the right time so it just never happened!

This month Jon snapped this rather impromptu photo of me and the boys in our bedroom - I'd been taking some photos with Noah and Tyne decided to jump up and sit next to us. The photo makes it look pretty posed but it really wasn't at all - he had climbed up to talk to me and was being quite a monkey as usual - wanting to hide under the bed and generally jump about and be silly which is what he does all day long - typical 2 year old!

But Jon managed to snap a photo right as he looked up at the camera and I happened to be smiling at the camera too - so it worked out well! And finally - after two months - I have a nice photo of me with my two boys! Hurrah!

I'm making it my mission to remember to snap a photo of the three of us each month, so fingers crossed I'll be back for more link ups in the future!

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