Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Noah & Me: 6 Week Post-Partum Update

Noah turns 6 weeks old today.

How quickly has that flown by?!

We haven't had him weighed since his last update at 1 month old when he was weighing 9lbs, but we'll be seeing the health visitor next week so I'm interested to find out what he weighs then.

He certainly seems to have grown - his newborn clothes fit him well now at last, and he can even wear his 0-3 month clothes although they are still a little too loose and long.

He's wearing size 1 nappies comfortably now.

His sleeping has remained much the same - he wakes pretty much every 2 hours in the night for a feed, which is exactly what Tyne used to do until about 4 months old!

The main difference between them though is that Tyne wouldn't be laid down in his crib and just fall asleep - he always had to be cuddled or sung to sleep!
Noah is happy to just be placed in his crib after a feed and goes off to sleep by himself...which makes life much easier!

Noah usually takes 4oz at each feed now, but he has been struggling a lot in the past few days - I'm unsure if the problem is just very bad wind or if it's colic but he has been crying a very pained cry, bringing his legs up and getting very red in the face periodically. His tummy feels a little hard when this happens, and nothing can soothe him - he doesn't want to be cuddled or held horizontally when it happens, the only thing that seems to help is to hold him upright and bounce him and up down.

It's horrible to see him in so much pain.

Yesterday I decided to try switching his milk to the comfort formula and *touch wood* he does seem to be better so far - I also bought some Colief drops to try (I wanted gripe water to try first but couldn't find any!)

During the day Noah is now much more alert, so I think its time to start some regular tummy time as of this week! I've been reluctant to have him down on the floor with Tyne around (toy trains are bloody heavy when flung across the room!) but it's time to give it a try!
I have laid him on his playmat a few times and he seems to enjoy it.

He has been smiling properly for a couple of weeks now, it's absolutely adorable! He always smiles when you first pick him up and start talking to him - and lately he's really trying to make coo-ing sounds back. So sweet!

As for appearance, Noah's legs and arms are really filling out now - I spotted his first little roll on his thigh yesterday! Chunky monkey!

His eyes still seem to be brown - I know they can still change to blue but I have a feeling they'll stay dark like Jon's, it'll be quite strange having a dark eyed child when Tyne is so fair with such big blue eyes! But at the same time I also think it'll be nice to have one who looks like me and one who looks like his Dad! I'm not convinced that his hair will stay dark though, as his eyebrows are so fair that they're almost impossible to see!
As for me, I'm feeling almost completely back to normal now following the birth.

My scar is finally healing nicely with no more pain from the infection, I haven't suffered with back pain for a couple of weeks, and even the anxiety seems to be getting a little bit better (I do have an appointment next week though which I'm going to keep).

I'm still eating gluten-free as I do still seem to be suffering with the gluten intolerance I developed during the pregnancy, I'm still quite tired but I suppose that's to be expected with a newborn around! And I have yet to get my first post-baby period - I'm awaiting that with dread!

I've started my baby-weight diet this week too, so wish me luck with that!

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