Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Noah & Me: 8 Weeks Post Partum

Today is a day of double milestones.

Today my littlest man turns 8 weeks old & my biggest boy turns 26 months old.

As Tyne has got older I've lessened the updates on the blog accordingly as things seem to change far less frequently and there is less to report on...since Noah came along it's been so odd to go back to regular updates again - you really do forget how much happens and changes in the space of mere days when they're babies.

I swear each day I wake up and it seems that Noah has grown so much overnight.

People always comment on how babies have "changed" since they last saw them, even my family members abroad who only see him in photographs comment on how much he's changed since his birth and how he's becoming more like Tyne all the time but it's something I could never see myself - until today.

Today when I woke up and looked at Noah, suddenly he was the image of his brother at the same age.

I don't know how it happened so suddenly, but he doesn't look so much like a newborn anymore - as cute & adorable as newborns are they do always seem kind of featureless to me, they all look so similar and I find it hard to distinguish exactly which family member they look like or what kind of personality is hiding behind their eyes - but then, all of a sudden, it's all there one day.

And today was that day for Noah - today his eyes are full of mischief, he's been full of smiles and coos - trying ever so hard to make sounds and communicate which is absolutely adorable - and today he really does look exactly like Tyne did at the same age.

Maybe it's because they're the exact same age at the same time too, and so Noah has been wearing some of Tyne's old clothes - but it can catch me off guard and be quite surreal sometimes, it really does feel like holding the same baby I was 2 years ago!

Last week Noah & I had our 6 week check up at the Doctors - we had it a week later than we should have so it was really a 7 week check up I suppose!

Noah absolutely hates being undressed and cold, so he screamed bloody murder when the Doctor undressed him to weigh and measure him and he didn't stop until we left her office - he has quite a set of lungs on him so the poor Doctor was pretty flustered by the end of our appointment bless her!

His weight was given in kilograms which I never understand, and of course I forget exactly what it was but I know it was 5kg-something so Googling tells me that puts him somewhere between 11 and 12 pounds!

Considering he only went into size 1 nappies 2 weeks ago, he seems to have had a real growth spurt as those size 1's are looking a bit snug these days so I think we'll need to change to size 2s very soon.

The newborn clothes are still fitting, although the 0-3 months are also wearable now - although he is 2 months old it still makes me a bit sad to see him in this size as once he outgrows those, then that means I really don't have a newborn anymore - it seems to all be going by much too quickly!

Noah has gone back to taking 5 oz bottles now, but he is quite a hungry boy and seems to want them still every 2 -3 hours.

He is alert for almost all of the day time lately, unless we're out in the car in which case he sleeps the entire time - he is sleeping better of a night though, and for longer stretches - usually around 3 hours at a time on average, sometimes even 4 at a time if we're very lucky!

I'm pleased to report that the colic pain he was suffering with has eased off a lot and is no longer troubling him at all.

We started to use Colief drops which seemed to work wonders, and we also switched to Comfort milk and started using Dr Browns anti colic bottles which have been an absolute godsend! 

Since making those changes Noah is a much happier baby.

He is actually due to have his first set of immunisations later on today - eeek! 

As for me - the Doctor didn't do much in the way of checking me over, I expected her to check that my uterus has contracted back down but she didn't examine me at all - she just asked me to flash her my scar and said it looked "Beautiful" (we'll agree to disagree on that!) so I guess it's healing nicely. She did put me back on iron tablets as my levels seem to still be low after a very heavy first period after giving birth.

I have an appointment coming up this week with the thyroid specialist to check how my Graves disease is going after giving birth, and I am also planning on finally having a food intolerance/allergy test to find out exactly what is causing me issues foodwise.

I have my first appointment with the depression & anxiety service tomorrow following on from the post-partum anxiety I've been having, so I'll report back on how thats going in my next update.

I have also started my baby weight diet - I've lost a total of 7 lbs so far which I'm pretty happy with, as I usually struggle to even lose a pound a week thanks to my rubbish thyroid condition so to lose 7 lbs in 2 weeks is unheard of for me and very welcome indeed! I hope it continues to go so well!

That's everything for this update - I'll be back with more Noah news in 2 weeks!

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