Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Please excuse me, but....

I reaaaaally hate doing things like this but as I am currently lagging massively behind and it feels a lot like being picked last for the volleyball team at school again, I thought I would just go ahead and swallow my pride and ask!

I have been shortlisted for the Purflo Blogger Of The Year 2015 award which is amazing in itself!

There were 3 bloggers shortlisted and I was so surprised and pleased to have been one of them.

The other two nominees - Hannah & Kerrie - are bloggers who I personally find very inspiring so I'm honoured to be in such fabulous company.

The prize includes being sponsored to attend the Britmums 2015 conference - you might remember that going to Britmums last year was my main goal in overcoming my social anxiety struggles, after lots and lots of wobbles (and panic attacks, and tears on the way there!) I managed to attend last years conference and I was so pleased that I did as I had such a fantastic time, made some new friends who I am still close to a year on and I learned a lot too.

This year, due to Noah's arrival being quite close to the event, I didn't look for a sponsor to attend the event as I wasn't sure how I'd be after the c-section - but I am feeling pretty normal again now and I would really love to be able to go to the conference.

And so, I'm asking for your help!

If you enjoy reading my blog and feel that I would be worthy of a quick vote, I'd really REALLY appreciate it!

You can vote following the link below, by clicking on my photo - I'm the very-pregnant looking blonde one! ;) (The link doesn't work from the Facebook for mobile app unfortunately, but you can vote by opening facebook in your phones web browser or using a laptop or pc!)

To Vote Click HERE: https://www.facebook.com/PurFlo/app_303561899745219 or visit the Purflo Facebook page and go to the Blogger Of The Year Tab

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