Friday, 15 May 2015

Siblings: May

Tyne has had Noah in his life for over a month now, and their bond is most definitely growing day by day.

We've been so lucky in how well Tyne adapted to having a sibling - to this day he has yet to show any real jealousy or anything but compassion and interest in his baby brother.

Every morning when he wakes up he checks Noah's cot to make sure he's ok - we recently had a few nights away at Thomasland without Noah and Tyne asked after him at least 6 or 7 times, always looking worried and asking "Where baby Noah gone?!"

I have a feeling that Noah might be referred to as "Baby Noah" by Tyne right through to adulthood!
He still loves to help bathe him, to help wind him by patting his back, and to give him his dummy when he cries - he tries to soothe Noah whenever he's upset by stroking his face and whispering "It's alright, Noo Noo" (my nickname for him which Tyne has also adopted!)

In the past week or so, Tyne has also started to show an interest in helping us to do the daily tasks for Noah such as putting his clothes away, fetching his nappies when he needs them and so on - it's nice to have another pair of hands about and he's pretty good at following instructions for a 2 year old bless him! I'll have him changing the nappies in no time at this rate!

As for Noah - well obviously he's still largely unaware of the existence of Tyne or anybody else - but I'm so looking forward to seeing how he starts to react to and recognise his big brother over the coming months.

I'm so excited to see what sort of relationship they Blue Eyed Boy & my Brown Eyed Boy.

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