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Sicily with Children. A complete guide for the best ideas and activities.

Some of the best holidays is spending them with your children especially if you plan your itinerary well. Children always have the spirit for adventure and  are always willing to do something fun and exciting. So, where could be the most ideal place to go on vacation with your kids? Sicily, of course! If you want to enjoy the most of your vacation and ensure that your kids won’t be totally bored with monotonous days at the beach, renting one of the beautiful and plush villas in Sicily with pools is a good start! Check out wishsicily.com to guide you in choosing the best place to suit your plans.  

There are a great many options that will guarantee you the best of high-quality standards. In the Nebrodi area, you will find one of the most untouched yet beautiful parts of Sicily – a stunning coastline and forested gentle mountains rising from the sea. The views are just breath-taking and there are tons of activities that you and your kids will surely appreciate. The Casa dell'Acqua, Villa Hybla and Le Sorbe are some of the good options for large family groups. 

To ensure that your kids will enjoy every bit of your vacation and that they will continue to recount their adventures in the future to their friends, you might be interested to know that there are various activities suitable for the whole family. So, let’s look at some activities that you and your children might find exciting to do when in Sicily. The island is great all-year round! 

Horseback Riding and Excursions  

Go on horseback riding lessons with your children and discover rural Sicily. Saddle up and explore different terrain and villages around the area. Sicily on Horseback is a company that can provide you and your kids a marvelous equestrian experience and more!  Their Custom Riding Tours are perfect for the entire family. This is an impeccable way to get to know Sicily intimately. With the different horseback trips available, the whole family can have  extraordinary trips in parks and natural reserves. You will be enthralled by the variety of natural environments that are possible to discover during a TranSiciliana to Etna trip. You also get to learn about Sicilian horse tradition. Aside from this, you will be glad to know that they also provide excursions in biking, bird watching, sea fishing, golf, and a few more, which you and your children will surely be fascinated with.  

Volcano Activities 

Volcano excursion is an activity that most children will be thrilled to experience, unless you live in Hawaii. Why not bring your kids to see Mount Etna and get up close and personal? Going up the summit can be an enjoyable family adventure. For very young children, this would not be the thing for them but you can bring them to experience cable car rides. One begins near the beach of Mazzaro and heads towards Taormina while the other more spectacular one begins near Catania and climbs over lava fields to reach an ultimate height of 8,200ft above sea level! Won’t that be thrilling enough for both you and the kids? You will appreciate the magnificent views! 

Winter Activities 

If you are trying to avoid visiting in winter thinking that there will be lesser things to do, here’s some tidbit you might find interesting. It will be obviously cooler with degrees ranging from 10°- 0°but winter months in Sicily are much less mild as compared to other parts of Italy. Some coastal resorts neither get that cold while inland will be ideal for a snowy winter vacation. You can  engage them in other outdoor activities such as skiing and snowboarding in winter, or just sliding down gentle slopes in toboggans for tots. With Sicily’s high altitude, it becomes a haven for snow-loving sport enthusiasts. The best areas are Piano Battaglia in the Madonie mountains or on Mount Etna. Slope difficulty ranges from beginner to expert and there are ski instructors ready to provide lessons for both you and your children. Gear for hire are also available for those who didn’t expect adequate snow between December and March. January sees more snow. 

Water Park Adventures 

Other possible activities you can do with the children is to have some fun getting wet! Children always love the idea of playing in water so why not amp up the adventure for both you and your kids by getting some fun in water parks. Etnaland is located near Catania and this is not just any water park – you will find it is dinosaur-themed! Plus, there is a small zoo where you can see a variety of animals. Your children will enjoy even the cable rides and laser shows. In Palermo, you will find the largest park, Monreale Water Park, with the most incredible water slides. 

Adventure Park Escapades 
Let your children release some of their pent up energy, test their balance and dexterity as well as their sangfroid by allowing them to have fun with acrobatic games and assault courses in Parco Avventure Madonie. While your children traverse these courses, you can relax on your own picnic area. If not, you can join in on the fun and go on nature excursions on mountain bikes. Visit Bioparco di Sicilia and get immersed in educational activities. Discover different flora and fauna and watch mineral and fossil collections on display. 

Sea Excursions 

Why not go on a trip along the Ionian coast or island-hopping in the Aeolian islands? There are several firms that organize sailboat or catamaran charters. Visit the Acitrezza sea-life reserve and the Cyclops Riviera along the same route that Ulysses did. You can even try to sail a boat under the skillful eyes of professional skippers to teach you the fundamentals. Your children will surely have fun trying to catch some fresh fish, or do some canoeing and pedal boating, while chancing at sighting some dolphins! Check out Vela Tour for schedules and reservations.  

Gelato Tasting 

What ingenious way to cool down after a day of activities – eating ice cream! Italian ice cream are different from others and you and the kids will just love the creamy goodness of a bunch of different flavors. Even the creamiest gelato contains just around 6% of cream as compared to those in other countries. Tasting a true gelato can be a complete gastronomic experience that you and your children will enjoy to the very last bite. So whether or not gelato originated from the snowy slopes of Mount Etna, as legends claim, they are truly one-of-a-kind in Sicily. Search for these gelateria when you are in the areas. Gelato Divini in Ragusa Ibla, Caffe Sicilia in Noto and Irrera in Messina. You will be excited at the wide array of flavors which include rose petal, marsala, carob, and pistachio. 

These are just a few of the possible things you and your kids can find exciting to do in Sicily. The island has a lot of promising  activities that your entire vacation will be fun-filled until you depart. Then, at the end of the day, when you and the kids are exhausted from the many activities, you will always be glad to return to one of the beautiful villas in Sicily with pools.
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