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Sponsored Video: I'm a McMummy...& other Confessions!

1. I'm a Mc-Mummy

Yep....My son eats happy meals sometimes.

 I don't remember when he had his first one (because I didn't see it as some kind of major life event that needed to be recorded...I have since seen the error of my ways and now realise that the moment ought to have been instagrammed along with his age to show that while I'm totally cool for allowing a treat...I'm also a Perfect Parent coz he's 7 and only just having his first one!).... but I know he's had a fair few of them over the past 2 years and 2 months.

I'm not going to commit myself to saying how many....let's just say more than 1, less than 100 (probably...hopefully...)

I realise that many mummies like to act as though this is the cardinal sin of parenting, but I'm sorry - I'm not buying it.

McDonalds drive thru's never have less than 5 cars waiting whenever I'm near one and the restaurants are always full of families with kids - so if all these perfect mums are so against it, where did all the customers come from?!

My personal approach to treats is exactly that - they are treats. They're not everyday meal options, they are occasional bits of fun - a trip out as a family to have dinner out of a cartoon-adorned cardboard box with a plastic toy inside is a toddlers idea of bliss, and it means that the big people don't have to wash the dishes that evening whilst also getting to cram burgers into our faces...what's the problem?!

Are a few McDonalds every so often going to seriously damage his health? No, of course they're not. 

I recently saw the new ad campaign and thought it did a pretty good job of putting to rest some of the ridiculous rumours you hear flying around about what's in the food!

2. And that's not all....

While we're discussing the food my child eats that other parents seem to recoil at - he also has chocolate. *cue shocked faces*

He LOVES chocolate, actually - we all do in this house.  He asks for some most days.

He brushes his teeth twice a day, he enjoys a well balanced diet, and he also asks for fruit and veg every day too - bananas and broccoli are his current favourites.

So it's not like allowing him to eat chocolate has negatively impacted on his food choices.

I believe that making things off limits to children is only going to make them want it more - and why would I want to deprive my child of something enjoyable like a bit of chocolate every now and then?!

I never understand the approach of "They won't miss what they don't know about" is to be enjoyed, especially during your childhood, so why not?! 

Nobodys suggesting that you allow your child to gorge themselves on bucketloads of the stuff, but would a little sweetie every now and then not be a nice treat?!

3. I don't care if he can spell/read/recite the Greek alphabet yet....

So far, I have made no effort whatsoever to teach my child his numbers, colours or shapes.

He doesn't go to nursery yet, as he only turned two a couple of months ago - in my mind he's still very young for formal learning and so I had never even thought about sitting down with him and trying to teach him to do anything like that.

It's only when I've seen other mums with similar aged children talking about what their child can and can't do that I realised that trying to encourage 2 year olds to spell words like Encyclopedia was a thing. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for learning...but I choose not to partake in the Mummy Olympics so as long as he can spell those words by the time he's 7 or so, I'll be happy enough.

And do you know something? He actually HAS learnt most of his colours, shapes and can count to ten anyway - he picked it up of his own accord. Just goes to show I was right not to stress about it! #Smugface

4. I hate playing.

I know I should enjoy it because time spent with your kids is the best thing ever...blah blah blah. But I'm sorry to admit that I don't...I hate it. 

I love reading with my son, I love going on days out, I love watching him at the park or the beach etc, I love chatting with him, I love having tickle fights and I can even manage a bit of hide & seek (I do mean a the 17th go of pretending I can't see him standing in front of me with a towel over his head shouting "Where's Tyne gone Mummy?!" I'm well & truly over it...)... but playing? Actually sitting down and playing trains or cars or farm with him? I hate it.

I'm bored within about 45 seconds, and it's not like he even plays fair..I never get to be the train that I want to be, and he usually just crashes all of his trains into mine anyway...what's the point?! I'm a bit of a Monica when it comes to fun...I like to have some rules....and he's a total Phoebe. It just doesn't work.

5. Liar, Liar....

Sometimes, in an effort to avoid doing a child-related chore that I really don't want to do, I tell fibs.

I pretend it's that time of the month and that I'm in agony when I don't feel like going swimming....

I feign a terrible headache when I want a lie-in so that my other half will get up with kids and get them dressed...

I pretend I'm desperate for the loo and chirp out a casual "Be back in a minute, could you just check the baby?" when I know he's pooed and I don't feel like changing him.

So there you have confessions...I can feel that Mummy Of The Year award slipping further and further out of reach!

If you have any Mummy confessions, please do share them with me and let me know I'm not the only one!

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