Sunday, 24 May 2015

Toddler Tried & Tested: Globber Scooters My Free 2C 4 in 1 Junior Scooter

Just before Noah was born, we were ever so kindly offered the chance to try out a scooter for Tyne from Globber Scooters.

As the company is local to us it was delivered to our door and, as it arrived before I'd even had chance to check my inbox and realise it was coming, it was a total surprise to Tyne and he was incredibly excited!

The two of us set about putting it together straight away - usually these are the jobs I leave for Daddy but he was busy that evening and Tyne didn't want to wait so I thought I'd give it a go myself.

Imagine my surprise when, less than 5 minutes later, we were standing there with a fully constructed scooter! I'd like to say I was pretty proud of myself but actually it merely the fact that the scooter was the most simple thing to put together ever! A few little bits to clip into place and it was job done - I didn't even need to refer to the instructions!

Upon reading about the scooter, I was very impressed.

The Globber My Free 2C 4 in 1 Scooter really does set new standards both for design and innovation in a ‘toy’ that’s been around for centuries. It probably looks like no other conventional scooter you have ever seen before, in part thanks to the clever features, but also to the thought that’s gone in to the design.

Designed to be suitable for 4 uses in one product, as well as looking unique, it also incorporates some very handy, and cool, features. For example, a steering lock is discreetly incorporated between the front two wheels allowing the handle bars and steering column, to be locked in place whilst your child learns to balance. Its handy design means the handle bars and steering column themselves are adjustable to between 62.5cm to 77.5 cm.

This is a Scooter system that really does grow with your child. Designed for between ages 1-6, it can support varying weights, from 20kgs to 50kgs with its various settings. 

The seat is adjustable between 2 settings, and the lower deck of the scooter means increased stability whilst providing your little one with a better performance on their new scooter!

A handle is provided for Mum (or Dad) to help push your child a long when they first use the 4 in 1. This can be removed with the click of a button when the child’s balance, confidence and skill in handling the scooter grows.

Initially to be used as a ‘Ride on’ scooter when your child first starts using it, the system allows settings to be changed from initially being pushed along whilst sat, to being able to stand and use the scooter in a traditional manner without the assistance of Mum or Dad.

Both the 2 larger wheels at the front, and one smaller at the rear, have tough Polyurethane tyres and nylon core wheels with the brake system built in at the back. A sturdy tubular metal frame means the scooter itself is both robust yet light enough to carry and can easily be taken from park to playground without feeling like you’ve been lifting weights.

Tyne, so far, has obviously only used the scooter in its ride on capacity and he absolutely loves it!

It's a great alternative to a trike and something about it seems just that bit more fun, and I think it encourages his balance and concentration a lot more.

I can't wait to see what he makes of it as a traditional scooter and I'm sure he'll get years of fun out of it!

The scooter is available in blue or pink, and is priced at £79.95 which I think is very reasonable when you consider the years of use you are getting out of it!

You can purchase the scooter HERE or at Toys R US

For more information, please take a look at the video below

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