Sunday, 17 May 2015

Toddler Tried & Tested: Smartrike Dreamtouch 4-in-1

A little while ago, Tyne was very kindly sent a Smartrike Dream Touch to try out and try it out he has very much enjoyed doing just that!

The Smartrike has accompanied us on holidays to Cornwall, seen many rides along the seafront, joined us on a picnic, and helped us out in many a trip to feed the ducks!

It's even seen its fair share of Toddler Vs Lion battles...yep, you heard me right....

Tyne is at the stage now where he thinks being in a pushchair is "for babies" but is still too little to cope with walking long distances, and so the Smartrike has been the ideal answer to this problem. He is more than happy to sit in the trike at outings like this one we recently took to the saves us having to carry him or battle with him to get him into the pushchair, its much more fun for him and so everyone is a winner!

The Smartrike Dream Touch is currently Smartrikes most popular model and it’s easy to see why!

Some of the features included in this very stylish little transporter include a very comfy looking padded seat which can be removed (handy for cleaning as well as when little one grows), a telescopic steering handle for parents to use when little one starts out on their new ‘wheels’ (including a handy sip bag for storing phones, keys, etc!), a protective Sun canopy for those (too few) sunny days, and tough rubber wheels to help ensure every ride is a smooth one.

\We love the very handy removable tray at the rear of the trike which means favourite toys (in Tyne's case...trains!) can be carried and enjoy a ride.

The features don’t stop there however as theSmartrike also includes a play phone incorporated in to a bottle holder so you child can ‘chat’ whilst on the go! Tyne loves this feature and will chat away and press the phone buttons with glee as we push him along.

The smartrike Dream Touch 4 in 1 grows with your child in the following stages:

*At 10 months, your child can safely use the foot rest provided whilst being pushed by an adult. 
*By 18 months, the seat can be converted to allow the child to be pushed along and to start to learn balance, motor skills and develop confidence.
*By 24 months the Smartrike can be converted further to become a training trike. This allows the child to practice pedalling and provides your little one skills in developing co-ordination.  
*At 30 months it’s time to remove the parent handle, turn the red button on the front of the trike, and transform the smartrike from a stroller to an independent trike they can power themselves.

I love that one purchase gets you through such a wide time frame making it such fantastic value for money, and of course it means that it's also ideal to pass down to younger siblings - I swear Noah already has his eyes on it!

Tyne has already managed to reach the pedals so the footrest has now been removed, and we are encouraging him to try to steer himself - so hopefully in 4 months time we'll be able to remove the parent handle and watch him wheel himself around! 

The Smartrike is available in Black and Gold, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple and Red.

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