Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Ambi Ambassador: Lock Up Garage Review

A few weeks ago, we announced on Twitter that we are working as Ambi Ambassadors this year! 

We're very excited about this partnership, as it means we can bring you reviews of some beautiful classic toys from Galt's Ambi range.

The Ambi range is created to be durable and fun - bringing back simple toys that remind me so much of my own childhood toys, before technology and other trends got in the way!

As they so fantastically put it on their website: 

"Babies and toddlers are not interested in passing trends, fashion colours or the latest gadget. They need well designed and reliable toys which don't disappoint during play and encourage their gradual discovery of themselves, others and the surrounding world. The Ambi® Toys range satisfies these needs and are a continuing source of learning and fun. Exactly what a good toy is meant to be"

Noah is very much looking forward to testing out his very FIRST toys courtesy of Ambi Toys over the coming months and taking his first steps into the world of reviews, but while he's still a bit too little his big brother has kindly stepped in to help out with our first review!

Tyne was sent the Lock Up Garage which is suitable for children aged 12-18 months and up.

Tyne is now 26 months old, and he had hours of fun playing with this so I certainly agree with the "And up" part!

The toy comes beautifully boxed, with each component displayed separately which I think makes it very visually appealing - if I'm purchasing a toy as a gift for another child I want it to have that wow factor when they open it and I would say this certainly did.

The box contains 3 cars made from chunky plastic, ideal for little toddler hands to grip - there is a yellow car, a red car and a blue car.

There is also a garage with 3 doors in each of the colours and a single key (which is attached by string, so can't get lost and doesn't create a choking hazard!) which locks and unlocks them - this created some great opportunities to discuss the colours with Tyne, as he matched up which car belonged in which garage.

He was able to easily lock and unlock the doors, but I think this is something a child of 12 months would struggle with - though this simply means that the toy will have fresh appeal as they grow and are able to start playing with that feature.

The bright colours are bound to be very appealing to young children, and Tyne has loved his new toy - he's played with it for days and seems to have so much fun with it.

The Lock Up Garage from Ambi Toys is available here priced at £19.99

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