Thursday, 11 June 2015

Believing In Fairies

There's a side of me you don't really see here on my blog...

I spend a lot of time talking about parenthood, pregnancy, anxiety & other such struggles, sharing little anecdotes of motherhood and various snippets of everyday life...but I never really talk about the quirky side of me,

Because I am actually quite a quirky person behind closed doors - or in front of them! It's one thing I actually don't feel embarrassed about.

I've never been one of the in-crowd but equally I've never really wanted to be - I like to dance to my own tune, what's so interesting about being just like everybody else anyway?!

I have quirks...several actually...

I read tarot cards in my spare time, I attend spiritualist churches every now & then, I go every year without fail to a local "Hippy" festival where I spend the day trying alternative therapies, hula hooping and eating vegan foods in the fields - and I look forward to it all year long too! 

There's not much that I don't believe in.

But out of all the things I believe in, there's one thing that most adults struggle to understand - yep, I believe in fairies.

I was always obsessed with the idea of fairies during my childhood - I remember trying to catch fairies in jars in our garden, sitting at the back door looking out every night trying to spot them, I would watch any fairy movie and read any fairy book I could get my hands on.

My Tinkerbell obsession never quite left me as I reached adulthood (I still have ornaments dotted around the house!), there are various fairy figurines around my home actually as I find them so beautiful to look at.

A few years ago I discovered Brian & Wendy Froud's work and fell in love with it all - I collect Froud books now, and I can sit for hours just flicking through the beautifully illustrated pages - admiring the fairies, the piskies and goblins - some quite frightening to behold, others serenely beautiful. 

And I get lost in my imagination - just like I did when I was a child.

You might find it hard to understand how an adult can allow themselves to believe in such things, but I find it hard to understand how people do not...

The very world we live in is a wonder all of its own - who can say with any real certainty how it came to be (you can give me all the scientific answers in the world  but there infinitely more questions than answers to be found there for me...) - and so why not? 

When the world itself is such a mysterious & strange place - why can't fairies be real? 

I can't prove it of course...but can you prove that they're not?

And why would you want to?

When the world can be such a bleak place at times, what's the harm in believing in a little magic? 

A little whimsy never hurt anyone and it's something I like to embrace.

Two of my very favourite musicians said it best I think...

With thanks to Tyne & Noah for starring in these images which I'll treasure forever - my own little pixies!

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