Saturday, 20 June 2015

Countries I'd Most Love To Visit

As someone who absolutely loves to travel, I'm always thinking of places I want to visit and now that I'm a mummy of two it's become even more important to me to get out there and see the world.

I want to have experiences to tell my children about as they grow up, and of course I want us to experience lots of adventures together for them to enjoy looking back on in years to come...and what greater adventure is there than visiting a new and exciting country? A foreign, far away land where people speak a different language, foods are a world away from the tastes of home and everything is new?

So with all this in mind, you can see why I've been browsing cheap holidays lately?

Here are the Top 5 Places on my To See list.

1) France

Considering France is one of the closest countries to us, it amazes me to think that I have yet to actually venture there!

I'd love to visit the South of france and rent a villa for a weeks holiday in the gorgeous sunshine, but would also love to see the sights of Paris and of course taking the children to EuroDisney is something I can't wait to do!

I am seriously considering making France our first holiday destination as a family of four - renting a villa somewhere beautiful like Brittany and driving over on the ferry sounds ideal to me!

2) Salem, MA

I absolutely LOVE the idea of visiting Salem - I've always had an interest in the Salem Witch Trials ever since reading The Crucible in high school, and I would just love to visit the museums and take part in the trial re-enactments they do!

I'd also love to visit Boston and let's face it...seeing New England in the "fall" as the Americans say is supposed to be really breathtaking!

There are many places in the US I'd love to visit, but Salem is top of my list!

3) New York City

Jon is lucky enough to have worked in New York when he was in his early 20s long before I met him, and he's forever telling me how wonderful New York is and how much I'd love the city itself - it doesn't seem like somewhere to visit with young children admittedly but I'd love to try and get here for a couple of days maybe in a few years time when the kids are a bit older!

4) Italy

Italy has always been somewhere I've wanted to go - I'd love to visit the usual sights like the leaning tower of Pisa, take a gondola ride in Venice or visit the ruins in Rome!
 I'd also love to spend some time in Florence - I'm such a fan of Italian food and so to experience the real thing in such beautiful surroundings would be a dream come true!

5) Austria

This may seem like a slightly unusual destination choice but The Sound Of Music has been a film I have adored ever since early childhood and seeing the beautiful Austrian countryside and market towns in the movie has made it somewhere that I've always wanted to see.
 I would so love to visit some of the sights seen in the movie and take photographs re-enacting some of my favourite scenes!
And I hear they do a Sound Of Music tour too - I'm completely sold!

I really hope to be able to check some of these destinations off my travel wishlist soon, where would you most like to visit?

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