Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Me & Mine: June

This month has been BUSY...very very busy!

We went on a 4 day break to Cornwall at the beginning of June, which was really lovely and have just returned from a week long trip here there & everywhere around the UK (Which I'll be blogging about soon!)...I've been busy scheduling and planning posts, and guest posting on other sites too - I recently published my Top 5 Mummy Me Time Solutions here

We're only home for 4 days (1 of which is being spent at an event in London) and are then off again for a weekend in Blackpool and a little visit home to Liverpool, and will be back in Liverpool again at the end of July for Noah's christening so it doesn't look like things will be slowing down any time soon - this has certainly been the most hectic year we've had since...well...ever I think!

While we were in Cornwall I was determined to make the most of the beautiful scenery and get some lovely shots for our Me & Mine photos...

What is it they say about best laid plans?!

We had more photo FAILS this month than ever before, despite having the perfect photo opportunities and back drops available to us!

The best of the bunch were these ones which we took on a day trip to Lappa Valley Park - the camera was balanced precariously on the pram and we're all squinting in the sunlight, but they are sadly the best we got! 

We managed to snap two photos before Tyne did his usual thing of pulling my hair and trying to lick me! (Does anyone else's toddler treat them like a human lollipop!? No?! Just mine?!)

But before these photos there were LOTS of other failed attempts - and I just had to share them.

They are certainly not the lovely family photos I wanted, but at least they make me laugh!

This shot was close to what I wanted -although it came out much too bright and everyones eyes are shut apart from mine - but this little bridge in Lappa Valley with its windmills was too cute and I so wanted it for our photos this month.

Sadly, as it was above a miniature railway track, there was nowhere to position the camera that wasn't in the way of passers by...so it had to be set up a good distance away which meant a long RUN from starting the 10 second timer and reaching the pose position....

Which resulted in these lovely little captures of me doing my best Ussain Bolt impression and failing miserably to get there on time....

Of course there are always the kind passersby who see your struggle and offer to take a photo, which of course I'm grateful for, but I forgot to put the camera back to auto didn't I?! So the photo she took, which may have been lovely, came out extremely blurred! Whoops!

Oh well, maybe ONE month this year we'll actually manage a decent outdoor shot?!
 Or else we'll just stick to the house...it is SO MUCH EASIER that way!!!

This Month Jon is Loving: 

*Catching up with his brother and friends back home in Gateshead for the first time in years
*Getting to see his old childhood home again and introduce his kids to the area
*His fathers day gifts which included some new holiday clothes and a hand painted money box and card from Tyne
*Getting to do a bit of gardening again after not having a garden for years

I am loving:

 *Catching up Orange Is The New Black on Netflix...just about to start watching Season 3! Exciting!
*Seeing lots of the UK that I hadn't seen before on our various trips
*Planning Noah's christening
*Enjoying our finished little garden area and making the most of the sunshine
*Planning out visits to local summer fayres and fetes, my favourite part of the summer!

Tyne Is Loving:

*Going on lots of trips!
*Meeting his Uncle for the first time
*Playing on Aunty Wayoo's massive trampoline
*Watching the Shrek boxset
*Getting to meet lots of his favourite characters at Cbeebies Land during our Alton Towers visit

Noah Is Loving:

*Smiling at everyone who talks to him
*His new toy zebra
*Playing on his activity mat
*Being the centre of attention on holiday!
*Making "Goo" sounds and blowing raspberries

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