Monday, 1 June 2015

Me & Mine: May 2015

This post was supposed to go up on Sunday but I was distracted having a mini-breakdown and I took it off my scheduled list after being made to feel pretty rubbish about everything and not wanting to share photos anymore...but I'm feeling stronger and didn't want to waste it so better late than never...

This month has been say the least.

Work for me has been busy...and just BEING back to work with an 8 week old is a challenge in itself. I'm so fortunate to work from home but it can also be really difficult to get things done and find the balance between work and family time. But I'm getting closer I think....or at least I hope.

Noah is changing by the day and becoming so much more alert - he's interacting more and more every day, giving more smiles and trying to "talk" with his coos and gurgles.

Tyne is chattering away more every day (if that's possible) and he surprises me with his knowledge constantly - considering he doesn't go to nursery or spend much time with anyone other than us I find myself constantly amazed at the things he says and wondering how he's learned certain things which we haven't taught him - this week he's been chatting away about the planets and the solar system, neither Jon or I have any idea where he's got this information from but he's taught us a thing or two we didn't know about it!

Jon is looking forward to visiting his hometown for the first time in over 5 years at the end of June - we are so fortunate with the opportunities we're given as a result of this blog, and one of them is the chance to review a family holiday park in Whitley Bay which is near where Jon grew up, so we'll be tying it in with a visit to his town and hopefully getting the chance to finally introduce Tyne (& Noah!) to some family members on his Dads side which is something that hasn't happened yet.

We took this month's photos with just a couple of days to spare before the Me & Mine linky deadline, they're not perfect but they're the best I could manage with everything so hectic at the moment - we'd had a fun day at the beach (which is all we seem to do lately and probably will be for the rest of Summer!) and we stupidly waited until the sun had almost gone down before remembering to get the camera out so the lighting is awful - whoops!

Tyne has recently decided that he hates the camera and screams "NO Mummy NO!" with his hands up in a dramatic fashion everytime I pick it up - anyone overhearing would think I was doing something far more evil than trying to take photograph!! 

So these was achieved by balancing the camera precariously on a wonky beach wall, setting the 5 second timer, and Jon RUNNING (Across sand please...) back to Noah & I while scooping Tyne up out of the sand on his way! It must have looked a pretty ridiculous scene to any passers by!

This Month:

Jon is Loving: 

*The release of Dungeon Saga & Kings Of War 2 figures by Mantic and Frostgrave by Northstar Games (#geekery)
*Watching Whispering Pines
*His Viz magazine subscription which he'll be blogging about soon!
*Hayley's nutella krispie cakes!
*The thought of visiting his brother at the end of the month - their first meet up in 5 years!

I am loving:

 *Grace & Frankie on Netflix
*Watching Ellie & Jared's YouTube channel
*Slimming World Ready Meals (convenience diet food?! Yes please!)
*Making plans to overhaul the living room, dining room/office AND garden! Busy busy!
*Planning activities for our two little holidays coming up in June to Cornwall & Whitley Bay

Tyne Is Loving:

*Having new Thomas The Tank Engine trains to play with
*Watching the vlog from our Thomasland trip
*Counting down to our holidays
*Skyping with Nanny & Gagand in Liverpool

Noah Is Loving:

*Cooing and smiling at people!

dear beautiful

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