Saturday, 20 June 2015

My Dream Bedroom

When we moved into our new home in December last year, I knew I wanted it to be somewhere we'd settle for longer this time.

Jon & I tend to be a bit nomadic you see - well I suppose its more me - I didn't leave home until I was 25 and until then I'd always lived in that one house, my parents never moved.

But since moving out at 25, I've lived in a total of 5 different homes.

Jon & I have moved house 5 times in the space of 4 years - we've lived in 4 different cities during that time.

I don't know what it is but I never feel settled - I guess there's always been some factor involved that meant we needed to choose a house quickly, and so the places we've lived have never been perfect - there's always been one factor or another that I didn't like.

So I wanted this move to be to somewhere we would want to stay.

And we found it in this house.

I love this house - it's big with loads & loads of storage space, it has an outdoor area for the children to play in, it has a garage, it was newly refurbished so we were the first to use the kitchen and bathroom which made it feel like a new house but with the added size benefits & character of an older house. It has a sea view. Its in a seaside town that I love. There are nice schools close by.

It was ideal.

And so, because I felt more settled here, I wanted to make it my "dream home" and decorate it just as I want it.

Most things are about 75% finished - the childrens rooms were priority and they're done, the garden is done now too as of today, and the only other room we've finished is my bedroom.

My dream bedroom.

I love grey & white - I find it so relaxing so its the perfect colour scheme for my bedroom. It's bright and airy, the huge bay window really makes it feel like an open space which I love.

I have plenty of storage in there for my ridiculous amount of clothes and "stuff".

Jon upcycled the tattered old mahogany with cream inset & gold handles wardrobes to white wash with grey insets and diamante handles.

The one thing left that I'd like to replace is the bed, we have had this Ikea one for a few years now and it's seen better days - a new divan bed would be ideal and it's something I'm looking in to.

I have a dressing table area which is handy and it's nice to have one little space in the house that's just for me - free from little toy trains or kids books dotted about!

I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the house completed but for now I`m thoroughly enjoying my dream bedroom.

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