Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Noah at 10 Weeks

Today Noah is 10 weeks old.

After I said in my last update that he seemed to be changing every day before my eyes, this time around it seems things have slowed down a little.

Looking at my photos from the 8 week update he hasn't changed much physically, and there is definitely less to report on than in previous updates  - this makes me feel slightly sad as it means he's getting older and coming out of that newborn stage - but I did read somewhere that a baby is classed as a newborn until they pass 12 weeks old, so I have two precious weeks of newborn time left yet!

Noah is very alert during the daytime now which is lovely - infact today for the first time he managed to stay awake for an entire 30 minute car journey! He absolutely loves being held and for that reason I am so grateful for baby wraps.

He is still in 0-3 month clothing and has outgrown the newborn things at last, and is now in size 2 nappies comfortably.

According to the Wonder Weeks app he is currently going through his second "leap" and he is definitely showing all of the signs - he's starting to grasp at things more, he's always sucking on his fingers, and he is interacting with us so much!

He LOVES to be talked to and cooed at, and (although I know he can't possibly) it seems like he almost knows what we're saying to him - Jon & I have both remarked that we feel like he's going to just starting talking back to us any time now because he seems so knowing somehow.

He's a very different baby to Tyne in a lot of ways - Tyne was such an easy baby who rarely cried, whereas Noah can be very vocal! Tyne was very chilled out too - we always used to comment that he was TOO chilled out as he never cried to let us know he needed a nappy change or we were a little late with his feed.

Noah is the total opposite. He cries the instant he wets his nappy as if to demand a change RIGHT AWAY if not sooner! He cries when his bottles are not to the exact temperature he likes them and actually refuses to drink cold bottles completely. We have a very headstrong little man on our hands I think!

But the smiles and near-giggles he's giving us make it all more than worthwhile - his smile really does melt your heart, it is just so adorable.

The one major change we've had since our 8 week update is that, about 5 days ago, Noah started sleeping through the night.

I posted about this on my Facebook page recently and it seems a lot of people's babies sleep through at this age or earlier, but my goodness it was a shock to me!! Tyne didn't sleep through until he was around 15 months old, and even then he's never gone to bed easily - even now he needs a lot of coaxing!
I kept running over to check on Noah when he first started sleeping through -  thinking something must be wrong - and of course for the first few nights we made the rookie mistake of waking him to feed him when he was due because we thought he must need it - but once we stopped doing that we were amazed to find him sleeping from 10pm until around 6 am with no waking!

Last night he slept from 9pm until 7 am, and tonight he went down at 9pm again so it seems the stretches are getting even longer! Long may it continue....although saying that, is it weird that I miss having him awake at night?!

This was my time to play with him and focus on him as his big brother demands most of the attention during the day - now that Noah's sleeping through the evenings too it's much harder to divide my time and attention fairly.

And I guess I kind of enjoyed the night feeds and the staggered sleep in a weird way - as hard as it can be, its all part of the excitement of having a new baby isn't it?!

I'm quite a sappy person who's always sad to see the end of any stage of my kids lives but I never really expected to miss the broken sleep!

As for me, I'm feeling much more relaxed since my little break to Cornwall last week - I've decided to hold off on too strict of a diet just yet as so many of you pointed out that its important to be in the right head space for that and I'm not yet - instead I'm trying to just make healthier choices and do some gentle exercise such as swimming or walking more for now. Once I'm feeling better I'll be able to fully commit to a diet.

I have my initial appointment with the peri-natal nurses tomorrow about the post-natal anxiety, which I'm anxious about (typically!) but I'm also looking forward to getting started with it too.

I'm also starting to think about getting Noah's christening organised - we had Tyne christened at 4 weeks old so its already much later than I wanted it to be for Noah, and I'd really like to have it all done and dusted in July.

That's all our Noah news for now - I'll be back with another update on how he's getting on in 2 weeks time!

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