Monday, 15 June 2015

Siblings in June - Snuggle Buddies!

Noah has been part of Tyne's world for 11 weeks now.

11 weeks seems such a short time but already he's become the first person that Tyne asks about when he wakes up - every morning, as soon as his eyes open, the first thing he says is "Where's Noah gone?"

And then he rushes over to Noah's cot to check that he's there - and always greets him with the same phrase - "Hello Noah, happy to see you!"

Often he wants to join Noah in the cot - hence the photo above!

Throughout the day Tyne will ask a few times if he can carry Noah, and so we sit him on the sofa wish a cushion to support Noah's head and we let him cradle him for a while.

Of course he's usually bored within about 20 seconds, but it's very sweet for that short time!
Lately he's started placing his head next to Noah's, looking at me and demanding "Mummy, take a photograph!" - it seems my constant snapping away has made an impression and he now thinks every single cuddle warrants a photo!

Noah doesn't seem to have noticed Tyne yet - he's always full of smiles for Mummy & Daddy but I haven't yet seen that interaction with his big brother - I suppose its quite difficult to smile at someone who cuddles you for 20 seconds and then shoves various toy trains in your face and shouts loudly in your ear! - but I'm hopeful he'll learn to love it over the coming months!

Getting a decent photo of a crazy-active 27 month old and an 11 week together is, well, impossible to be honest! It was easy enough when Noah was brand new but he's much more vocal about where he does and doesn't want to be these days, and so all I have this month are a few random snaps - none of them any good from a photography point of view but they're photos of the boys together and they're lovely to have regardless, to look back on.

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  1. What sweet brothers, I love the pictures!

  2. 'Hello Noah. Happy to see you!' Heart melting! Gorgeous post and pictures xx

  3. Can I ask (it is a genuine question not a nasty comment I promise) why do parents refer to toddlers ages in months eg Tyne being 27 months rather than being 2 years old? It's just something I wondered....

    1. Of course you can! :) Its just because when children are very young (under 3) there is a massive difference in their abilities & overall development depending on their age - for example a child who's just turned 2 often doesn't talk yet, usually still wears nappies,and is generally still quite "baby"-like - whereas a child who is almost 3 is usually talking, could well be potty trained and has generally become less "Baby" and more child - so their age in months gives a more accurate idea of the stage they're at :) xxx

    2. Ahhhhhh I've wondered that for ages - thank you for replying it makes sense. 😀 x

  4. Beautiful photos! Such gorgeous children.

  5. Aah it's so lovely to see photos of them together. Tyne just seems like the best big brother! xx

  6. Gorgeous photos - love the one with Tyne in the cot with Noah and how adorable that Noah is the first person he asks for in the morning :-)

  7. Aww they're gorgeous pictures of the boys and it sounds like they're really finding their groove!

  8. They are both adorable! How big has Noah got? Wowee. I cant believe how quick it goes, Archie is 7 weeks on Saturday! xx

  9. Aw this is so lovely and he sounds like a great big brother. xx


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