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Silver Cross Pioneer - Review

A few months before Noah arrived we were given the opportunity to try out a Silver Cross Pioneer - I can't tell you how excited I was about this having been a huge fan of the Silver Cross brand for years.

Silver Cross has been a name synonymous with high quality prams and pushchairs for many decades. I know I had one as a child, and Jon assured me that his pram whilst a tiny tot was also by Silver Cross. So for a brand to be around that long and still be setting the benchmark, you know they have to be producing some very special items.

Silver Cross prams have even by the choice of Royalty across the generations.

Billed by Silver Cross as ‘the complete package and ideal for newborns through to toddlers’, we were curious to see if the Pioneer system could live up to the hype.

The Pioneer we have been sent is in the Chrome and Sand colour combination which I think is a classic and beautiful offering, perfect for either sex and so ideal for those wanting to use the pram for future babies or those opting not to find out the gender before birth.

 One of the first things to strike me was the simple but elegant design. Whilst retaining the look of the classic carrycot with hood silhouette, the chassis has a distinctly modern feel. I love the adjustable handle which you can have at a choice of two heights - perfect for taller mums like myself, and the faux leather of this compliments the overall look perfectly.

Another feature I am particularly fond of is the brake. A simple to use pedal with a very solid stopping setting, a tap of the release button mechanism means you don’t end up breaking an ankle just to operate it and it so very easy to use. I often feel that modern prams can try too hard to become overly "advanced" in such areas and over-complicate things, so such a simple but functional brake device was very welcome to me.

The shopping basket is more than ample and is a real plus point too - I find it holds many bags when out shopping and on our recent holidays comfortably held our beach bag, camera bag and our coats with extra space for purchases too.

 Jon loves how compact the system is when collapsed to be placed in the boot of our car. With removable wheels, this means the chassis takes up even less room when stored, and is so easy and quick to reassemble when required.

A lie flat carrycot means that the Pioneer can be used as an overnight sleeper whilst travelling cutting out the hassle of a travel cot. Having used the carrycot as an overnight sleeper during our recent trup away I’m happy to confirm that Noah seemed to find it extremely comfortable and the Bamboo lining is so snug and soft I was quite jealous of just how comfortable it feels! 

The Pioneer comes with a host of features including rain cover, cup holder, a hood and apron pack that can be used on the carrycot and pram, and car seat adaptors allowing you to turn your Pioneer in to a complete travel system.

With puncture free tyres, the wheels are large allowing for a smooth ride for baby even when used on rougher country walks, as well as up and down curbs around town.

I also love the addition of a peek-through flap in the back of the hood allowing you to check on baby easily, and the magnet function which keeps the apron in place over the bar of the carrycot so no fumbling around with irritating stud buttons to secure it in place!

Whilst we have yet to use the pushchair part of the Pioneer, but this is something we are looking forward to trying as Noah grows, and will be thoroughly testing this aspect of the Pioneer when the time comes.

Available in Sand, Black, Damson, Lime, Chilli Red, Lime, Raspberry, Sky Blue and Yellow with chassis in Chrome or Graphite, there’s sure to be a Pioneer to suit your tastes.

The Silver Cross Pioneer is available priced at £650.00 HERE 

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  1. This looks like such a lovely pram , I love the colour choice. I had a silver cross pram as a child too and my toddler has a silver cross pop buggy which has been so good I'm thinking of getting her baby brother a one too ( hers is pink so I can't use it with him ) the shopping basket looks huge I wish my current pram had a one like that xx

  2. Noah looks so snug in there! I cannot wait to use ours, the carry cot really is so snug looking and soft! xx

  3. Noah looks even tinier in this pram than he does out of it, so cute x

  4. Silver cross prams are amazing. We have a 2nd hand Silver Cross Surf and we absolutely love it, Joey has always seemed more comfy in it compared to our new Mothercare Xpedior. I really wish I had bought a Silvercross instead of the Mothercare one. The sand colour is lovely and Noah look like he's enjoying it x

  5. im going to recommmend this to my friend x

  6. Such a beautiful pram, would have loved this when my daughter was little!

  7. Great review! I am also very fond of silver cross had one for my 1st child that saw me through with my 2nd child also. You will be very hard pushed to find a better brand in my opinion x.

  8. fantastic review. i have my eye on a this pram for the next baby

  9. Such a lovely pram - making me very broody x

  10. Lovely pushchair. Handy to have puncture free tyres too :-)

  11. This looks absolutely beautiful x


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