Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Tips for Saving Money on a Family Vacation

Family vacations can be expensive, so keeping the costs down is difficult when all you want to do is relax and have a good time. To help you save as much as possible, the tips below will help a great deal in all areas of your holiday planning, from travel to accommodation. 

Keeping Plane Travel Costs Down 
A large potion of holiday expense can often go towards getting to-and-from a destination. To minimise these costs, consider these tips: 

• Book early – advance booking will offer you the opportunity to assess your options and find the best voucher codes, saving you money. 
• Keep it light – use compact bags and only take what is necessary as airlines will charge for excess baggage. 
• Round trip – for one-way trips, check to see if the round trip flight is cheaper. If it is, you can book this method of air travel and skip the return trip. 
• Changing planes – a connecting flight is more of a hassle but it is often cheaper than one-way. The money saved may just make this option worthwhile. 
• Extended stay – if you do decide to take a connecting flight, consider the possibility of staying in the connecting country as part of your holiday. Depending on the pricing, you may not be charged extra for this. 
The Best Accommodation for the Right Price 
Accommodation is important for a comfortable place to relax and rest while on vacation, and these tips below will ensure you get value-for-money at your hotel or rented place. 
• Enquire about upgrades – if you’re booked in a hotel, some chains will sometimes allow you to upgrade for free if you change to them, offering deals such as an extra night’s stay. 
• Renting a place – for extended stays, it may be cheaper to rent a place for your own living space. This is a more comfortable option and will make your family vacation all the more enjoyable. 
• Exchange homes – another was to stay somewhere other than a standard hotel is to do a home exchange. Here, you would swap homes with someone from the country you are visiting. 
• Staying in a smaller town – often, prices at hotels in smaller towns are cheaper. If you’re visiting a city and you don’t mind the extra travel, check neighbouring towns for cheaper hotel or renting rates. 
Other Savings You Could Make on Your Family Vacation 
• Off-peak season – for those that like quieter surroundings and saving money, prices will be cheaper during off-season. For instance, it’s usually costs less to vacation at a ski resort in spring. 
• Get to know your surroundings – talking to the locals will give you a better idea of where it’s cheapest to eat and shop, as well as where the best attractions are. 
• Locate the Discounts – look out for discount stores which sell tickets and gift cards for larger stores. This is especially useful if you are buying something in these stores already and are looking for discounts at department stores. 
• Eat More for Lunch – Evening meals are often more costly than lunch meals, so plan your daily meals around a big lunch. While also being healthier, a large breakfast and lunch followed by a small dinner will save you money on your family vacation. 

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