Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Toddler Boys Summer Wardrobe Ideas

With Summer just around the corner (Well technically I suppose it's here, but I like to think that it's been waiting for June before the sun bursts out from behind the many clouds and declares itself staying firmly put until September!) I've been concentrating on getting Tyne's wardrobe organised and sunshine ready - and with the help of discount websites such as I haven't needed to break the bank either!

I've often mentioned how difficult it can be to find cute & stylish outfits for little boys when the majority of high street stores seem to focus so heavily on girls fashions, but I enjoy the challenge and it just makes it all the more rewarding when I look at my purchases and feel pleased - even if it did mean having to visit tons of different shops to put the wardrobe together!
I'm embracing a bit of a Capsule Wardrobe idea for this season - meaning a few pairs of shorts and shoes that can be mixed & matched with various tops, to create lots of different looks from just a few items! 

Here's what I've bought:

I absolutely love this pale pink shirt and casual T shirt from the Junior J range at Debenhams - both will look super cute worn alone, and they work perfectly together too for a cool but casual look.

The striped navy shorts were from George @ Asda and I think they'll work perfectly with the Junior J set, as well as with so many other tops from Tyne's wardrobe - I love knee length shorts on Tyne and I can't wait to see him wear these!

The navy laceless pumps are so cute and look super comfortable too, these were from Debenhams too!

The white grandad-style linen shirt above looks as though it will be so comfortable and light for any extra hot days we may get - this was a real bargain at just £5.99 from H & M.

It goes perfectly with these adorable tan shorts from Junior J at Debenhams - I love the striped turn up detailing.

I absolutely fell in love with these adorable canvas pumps from H & M - it can be difficult to find cute, stylish shoes for boys that are a bit different from the usual dark or super bright colours but these look effortlessly cool and so comfortable too!

I absolutely love to see Tyne in bow ties and checked shirts, I think the looks suits him so much but usually of course that kind of look is restricted to social events that call for something smart - so when I saw this pastel pink shirt with denim bow tie I was delighted - it's the perfect combination of smart and casual which means he can get away with wearing it for pretty much any old day of the week! I think it works perfectly with the tan shorts again too.

This set from timeless boutique brand Sarah-Louise is absolutely stunning - the cotton shirt is so delicate, the super light sky blue colouring suits Tyne's hair and skin tone perfectly and the high wasited baby blue shorts finish the look off just right - Sarah-Louise are a high end brand whose clothing is usually very expensive and so reserved for christenings and other special occasions, but my mum actually picked this set up on sale for a bargain price of £25!

As much as I love pastel colours for Tyne and think they are what suit him best, I can't resist a bit of colour sometimes - especially in the summer! 
 When I saw this retro car print shirt in Marks & Spencer I just had to buy it, and the yellow shorts were the absolute perfect match!

I think this is such a fun outfit, especially for a summer holiday.

This VIP t shirt was from Next and was something my mum picked up as a bit of a joke for Tyne to wear to the blogger events we go to! I thought it was fun and I like the waistcoat print - it's something a bit different!

I picked these white shorts up from Asda recently to wear with some plain coloured t shirts for days at the beach, and I think it works well with this t shirt too.

And finally, there will of course inevitably be cooler days in the summer that call for long sleeves - I bought this t shirt from F & F at Tesco a few weeks ago and I just love the combination of the grey fabric and the orange text - Noah has a matching one for when he's a little older too!

So that's what Tyne will be wearing this summer! Where are your favourite places to shop for childrens clothes?

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