Sunday, 21 June 2015

Toddler Tried & Tested: The Thomas The Tank Take Over....

I've mentioned before on the blog that Tyne has a bit of a Thomas The Tank Engine obsession going on....

Well it's safe to say that ever since his Nanny & Gagand bought him a large train table for his 2nd birthday, that obsession has grown....and so has his train collection!

No matter what toy is on offer - in shops, in playgroups, visiting family members - if there's a Thomas train around, it will ALWAYS be what Tyne goes for!

He even asks most days if he can go to the Drs surgery because they have a Thomas train in the kids toy basket!

Now don't get me wrong, as far as childhood obsessions and TV shows go I do think Thomas is probably amongst the least annoying of all the possible things he COULD have gone for - Peppa Pig being the main offender on my list of annoyances (She's JUST SO WHINEY!!!) - but still, lately my house is made up of more train than bricks and that's something that a neat-freak like me struggles with!

I don't mind these little fellas adorning my living room floor/sofa/morning cup of coffee - I can deal with that - but once Tyne has gone off to bed (eventually), I find the eyes of Gordon, Henry, James and the rest of the crew on me all evening just a little bit too much....

But WHERE do you store 12,056 toy trains exactly?!

And that number is growing rapidly - everytime his grandparents visit they bring a new train for Tyne - and I'd like to lay the blame solely there but I'd be lying - Jon & I have been spending most of our evenings lately browsing for Thomas bargains online and we can just never resist it when we find a rare engine going for next to nothing - I actually think we're worse than Tyne. We've bought a few from the House Of Fraser toys section lately as they're among the cheapest we've found online!

Tyne's favourite of all the various Thomas engines available (And there are MANY different kinds...from Thomas Wooden Railway to the Thomas Mini's which are tiny engines in lucky dip style bags) has to be the Trackmaster collection.

He loves the motorized engines and would literally play with them from morning until night if we let him (personally I'm not such a fan as they have a habit of chugging their way under the sofa and the sound of those little engines hammering away at the wall when they get stuck is veeeeeerry irritating!).

He also loves the talking engines - anything that can Tyne can talk the leg off is a plus in his book and I swear he thinks the talking engines are actually chatting to him!

The incy wincy drawer built in to the train table was clearly put there to fool parents into thinking this table would just be a neat little place to keep the train track and all the trains would fit tidily away into that teeny tiny little drawer - erm - WRONG!

There are trains in the drawer, under the table, on the table, in the full toy storage box next to the table, and we're STILL running out of room!

WHERE are you supposed to keep them exactly?!

But regardless, they are without a doubt this little man's absolute FAVOURITE thing to play with....ever!

I'm starting to understand how my mum must have felt when my My Little Pony collection used to take over her house...but come on, have you ever stood on a toy train?! 
SO much more painful than ponies!

Does your little one have a certain toy obsession/collection? What are your storage solutions?! As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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