Friday, 10 July 2015

Getting Cheesy with #ChooseAChoon!

I was recently invited to take part in Pilgrims Choice #ChooseAChoon campaign...

The campaign invites members of the public to choose the music for their new TV ad campaign and the winner bags themselves a years supply of cheese!

A prize like that would be very welcome in my house as my partner & toddler son seem to be in some kind of cheese-eating competition with each other and I spend a small fortune replacing the mounds they go through each week! 

The ad itself made me chuckle - to take a look and vote yourself for the song they should use, get yourself over to

In the spirit of...well...being cheesy! we made our own little jig video to join in with the campaign....

To make this video I had to dance like a fool in front of the Blackpool Tower (where there were lots of people watching....) and the Liver Building (where there were lots more people watching....and pointing....), and on the beach (where there were even more people watching...and pointing...and sniggering...) after all that embarrassment, I'd just love it if you'd have a little look and maybe even give it a thumbs up to make me feel slightly better! Even Tyne joined in with his own little jig!

And don't forget to head over to today to vote for the ad song and be in with a chance of winning lots of yummy Pilgrims Choice cheese!

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