Saturday, 26 September 2015

How To Improve Your Credit Score

As most of us know, your Credit Rating impacts upon many aspects of your life, and having a healthy Credit Score can really make a difference. From taking out loans & mortgages with reputable banks such as TSB to purchasing goods on credit, to certain potential career prospects, your credit score will play its part. As such, it should not be ignored and it’s worth spending some time looking in to or trying to improve no matter how healthy you may think yours is.

Here’s five simple ways in which you can help improve your credit score.

·         Get on the Electoral Register. It’s often dismissed or ignored by many, but if your name is not on the Electoral Register you will find it much harder to get credit. By visiting the About My Vote website, you can confirm who your local council is, fill in the registration forms and return them to your local electoral registration office and getting on the Electoral Register.

·         Cancel unused Credit Cards and credit agreements you no longer use or need. Not only will this help improve your Credit Rating, it will also reduce the chances of you falling victim to Credit Card or IdentityFraud.

·         Stop applying for credit until you have sorted out any issues you may have on your credit file. This includes mobile phone contracts, as well as new credit and store card applications. 

·         Ensure all debts and loans are registered to your correct name and current address. Whilst we are all human and forget things, especially if moving house, debts incurred at previous addresses and forgotten about or allowed to slip can have a detrimental effect upon your current rating.

·         Ensure there are no other mistakes on your credit file such as other people’s debts or loans that have slipped whilst secured in your name as a guarantor. You can check your credit rating with companies such as Experian credit report and ensure that any mistakes are followed up.

These steps need not take long to put in to practice; they can however seriously improve and strengthen your Credit Rating. By following these examples, as well as exercising some common sense and patience, a healthier credit score can be yours. This is not only a positive exercise for you, but also your family’s future and a good mind-set to get in to.

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