Thursday, 9 July 2015

Noah at 3 Months

The baby & family updates have been a little thin on the ground over the past few weeks as we've been here, there & everywhere on various trips & little breaks which, of course, has been lovely but has meant that I've had very little time to actually write or upload photographs etc - and has inevitably meant that only my reviews have been posted and my own personal posts have fallen by the wayside a little...which is not what I want and so I'm making a conscious effort to pick up on them now that we have at least a few weeks of being at home and back to normal routine!

Noah is now 14 weeks old - I realise that I say this everytime but whenever I stop and think about his age I find myself both surprised that he's already at this stage as he still seems so brand new to me, but on the other hand it also feels like he's always been here!

He's much more alert during the day time now, and tends to nap for an hour or more at a time but with much longer stretches of awake-time between. I'm not the best at routine (I just don't find them helpful personally...I know I'm in the minority on that one!) so I don't tend to take much notice of when he's sleeping and how long for, but I have definitely noticed that his stretches of awake time are lasting much longer.

He's also starting to want to be stimulated more now - newborn babies tend to be fairly easy as they are pretty happy to either be asleep or lay awake looking around, cooing, sucking their hands etc - but it seems to be around this age that they start to want to be a bit more entertained and engaged with - I've started putting Noah on his play mat more often which he seems to enjoy - he doesn't yet reach for anything on it but he likes to look at the different toys and gets very excited and animated if we jiggle the toys so that they make sounds.

He has been sucking and chewing on his hands a LOT over the past couple of weeks and drooling/blowing bubbles a lot too so I have wondered if we may have an early teether on our hands but I can't feel or see anything coming through and I do vaguely recall wondering the same thing with Tyne who ended up not cutting a tooth until around 9 months  - over the past day or so I've been giving him his Sophie Le Giraffe teething ring which he seems to enjoy biting on and is trying to grip by himself...I don't think it'll be too long before he's in full control of it without my help.

Noah is still sleeping well of a night, definitely much better than his brother ever has done which is certainly a blessing!, he had slept straight through for a few weeks but now tends to wake around 1 am for a feed but then goes straight back to sleep and sleeps through until around 7 in the morning...sometimes later.

He is still in 0-3 months clothing, but I can see him moving up to 3 months in the not-too-distant future and he still wears size 2 nappies.

His hair looks very ginger in most lights but his eyebrows are so blonde that they're barely visible and his eyelashes are the same so we think he's going to go very blonde - Tyne had a similar hair colour until he was around 5 months old so it seems that they will end up looking alike although we still can't really decide what colour Noah's eyes are! They seem to change everyday!

He is very much a people person and absolutely loves to be spoken to and cooed at! 

As soon as anybody talks to him his face lights up in the biggest smile and he tries ever so hard to chat with them - making lots of cooing sounds, gurgles and little shouting noises which are very cute! He's full of character and has a very funny little "laughing" face where his mouth opens wide and his eyes crease...very very cute!

We finally have his Christening date booked - he'll be getting Christened in Liverpool on 26th July so we have lots to organise to get everything ready before then!
I had wanted him to wear Tyne's Christening suit but as Tyne was christened at 4 weeks old and was much smaller than Noah, I don't think that's going to be possible now that we've left it so late so I need to get shopping and find him something cute to wear!

At night time, Noah has been using this fab Slumbersac sleeping bag which really seems to have helped settle well!

The design is the Choo Choo sleeping bag and it is ADORABLE - I love the denim look of the material, and it is so lovely and cosy!

I love Slumbersac as their products always wash so well, and they have such adorable designs available.

They have sleeping bags available in a range of togs, from 0.5 up to 3.5 and available in sizes from 0-6 months to 12-36 months.

Tyne wore them from the age of about 2 months until he moved into his toddler bed at 20 months, and we always loved them!

To view their full range, visit

Well that's pretty much all of Noah's news for now - until next time!

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