Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Siblings in July

Well it was bound to happen sooner or Siblings pictures this month are very matchy!

I know a lot of people don't like the idea of matching clothes for siblings but I am NOT one of those people - I think it's adorable!

I survived a childhood of matching hideous 80's jumpers with my own sister so I'm sure these two will survive theirs too because I fully intend to keep it up at every opportunity until they're strong enough to physically stop me! 

This month my two little brothers have been spending a lot of time together and also more time apart than usual as we've been on a fair few trips.

We had a 10 day long family holiday at the start of June, which saw Tyne & Noah spending lots of time chilling out together in a much more enclosed space than normal as we stayed in a caravan and at a couple of hotels.

In the house they each tend to have their own space - Tyne likes to play in his room, or stick to the garden or living room sofa whereas you can usually find Noah in his leaf or on his playmat in the living room - they exist side by side all day, everyday but they don't yet have a great deal of interaction.

Throughout the day Tyne will go over to look at Noah, cuddle him, stroke his face or say hello to him for a few moments but will then go back to whatever he was doing before - Noah is still too young to interact much with anybody and so because Tyne doesn't get much back from his attempts at communication he tends to get bored quickly.

But the time they spent together in the caravan I noticed the interaction increase - because there was less around to distract Tyne he took more of an interest in Noah than usual, and he loved to lay on the little sofa and ask for Noah to be put next to him so that they could - in his words - "snuggle up".

And Noah seemed to enjoy it more than usual too - it can't be easy having a 2 year old brother so enthusiastic with his affection but so unaware of what not to do with a baby - quite often he's just a bit too rough with his cuddles!  But during their snuggle up time on holiday Noah was totally chilled, and even smiled up at Tyne on a few occasions which was lovely to see.

It's still early but I am certainly noticing that they're interacting with each other much more and Noah has definitely noticed Tyne more - he seems to follow him with his eyes around the rooms now and has such an interest in what he's doing.

I can't wait to see their bond & relationship continue to grow over the summer months - Tyne gets so excited every time he notices Noah reach a little milestone that shows he's getting older as he is so desperate for them to be able to play together. He asks every day if Noah would like to play trains with him, and when we say he's still too little he always replies "Yes...when he's older..."

And while of course I don't want to wish Noah's baby time away, I also can't wait to see them play together and become little buddies.

The boys also spent some time apart this month as we took Tyne for a little break to Blackpool whilst Noah stayed with his grandparents, and it was clear to see how much Tyne missed him - infact by the end of the last day he was asking to leave the fairground early to go home and "see Baby Noah"...a true testament to a Brothers love surely!

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