Friday, 3 July 2015

Super Quick Gluten Free Nutella Cornflake Cakes!

These have been my go-to snack lately and so I thought I'd share them!

They are SO simple and quick to make that they barely warrant being called a "recipe" - it's more a case of throwing a few ingredients into a bowl, bunging them into the microwave and then putting them in the fridge for a bit!

It could not be simpler, but they are SO MOREISH!

Jon has become pretty obsessed with these and requests that I make them most days, and because we use Gluten Free cornflakes to make them they're an ideal little chocolate hit for me too!

Here's a quick video showing how to make them, or alternatively read below:

You Will Need:

*A couple of handfuls of cornflakes (Gluten free if needed)
*A couple of handfulls of marshmallows
*A tablespoon or so of butter (I don't do measurements, I just put it in until it looks right!)
*A few generous spoonfuls of Nutella - the more the better!

What To Do:

1) Put the butter, marshmallows and nutella into a large microwavable bowl
*Put in the microwave for around 1 minute
*Remove and stir, return to microwave for 30 seconds if marshmallows not completely melted
*Once suitably melted, take a few large handfuls of cornflakes and "crush" them in your hands as you drop them into the nutella/marshmallow mix
*Stir well and put into a flat dish, press down
*Put into the fridge for around an hour

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