Monday, 31 August 2015

Me & Mine - August

And just like that...the Summer was pretty much over! 

Although not really, I never consider Summer ended until after my birthday on September 11th...and we so often get lovely warm days through September anyway! But the summer holidays are almost over with, and so everything returns to normal again, everywhere is quieter and I feel as though now is when the countdown to the Christmas excitement really starts!

We've had quite a chilled out August which has been a lovely break after such a hectic few months in June and July...we celebrated Jon's birthday on the 3rd, but were all unfortunately struck down with a nasty tummy bug after that which had us pretty poorly for a couple of weeks.

We're looking forward our last little Summer-ish holiday to Butlins Skegness in a couple of weeks time, and then my focus will be firmly on my favourite times of year...Halloween, Bonfire Night & Christmas! How exciting!

This month our photos are just snaps at home, which pretty sums up the very low key month we've had!!

This Month Jon is Loving: 

*Celebrating his first birthday as a Daddy of two

*Wearing matching shirts with the boys...birthday gift from me of course! I love a bit of matchiness!

*Not having to do loads of driving for the first month this year as its the only one that we haven't travelled out of the county somewhere!

I am loving:

 *Enjoying all the fun things going on locally for tourist season - we're so lucky to live in a tourist hotspot with so much fun stuff happening all Summer long!

*The return of Celebrity Big Brother - nothing beats a bit of trash TV when the kids are in bed!

*The cooler evenings - I love August & September for their sunny days every now & then but far fewer blazing hot nights! I'd rather be too cold than too hot!

*Celebrating some family birthdays and looking forward to mine in a couple of weeks!

Tyne Is Loving:

*His new Thomas & Friends train, Smudger!

* His new playroom - and Mummy is loving not having toys all over the living room!

*Yollies - the very odd new Yoghurt lollipops!

* Singing Humpty Dumpty and The ABC Song repeatedly!

Noah Is Loving:

*Cooing and smiling at everyone who talks to him - such a smiley boy!

*His Sophie Giraffe teething toy

*His first tastes of food!

*Going up to bed properly on his own, rather than sleeping downstairs until we're ready for bed...what a big boy!

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