Saturday, 15 August 2015

Siblings In August - Rough & Tumble!

This month has been the first that I've noticed some real interactions between my gorgeous brothers.

Ever since Noah arrived into our lives 4 months ago, Tyne has been interested in him...always wanting to talk to him (we "talk" back for Noah which he loves!), cuddle him, hold him, kiss him, tell him he loves him and that he's his best friend, etc...he comes up to Noah and strokes his hair...just a few days ago he did this while declaring "I love his ginger hair!"
But he doesn't get much back from Noah, yet.
But lately...over the past few's started.
Noah is becoming more aware every single day and it's obvious now that he's noticed his big brother...he watches him with interest...his eyes follow Tyne around the room...and he often smiles when Tyne comes over to talk to him.
Today the four of us were having a lazy afternoon, and we were laying together on the bed chatting and playing about...Tyne leaned over Noah to talk to him and without warning grabbed his ankles and yanked him further down the bed towards him...
Jon & I both gasped and were about to tell Tyne off for being too rough, but before we could a sound stopped us...the sound of Noah's almighty chuckles!!!
He laughed and laughed....a proper belly laugh! he gazed up with glee at his big brother.
It was so heart melting...Tyne was delighted that he'd made Noah laugh and did it all the more, and Noah laughed more and more each time!
I guess this is the start of a lot of "rough and tumble" type playing to come from my boys!!

dear beautiful
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