Monday, 14 September 2015

Another year older!

Birthdays when I was younger were probably the one day of the year I looked forward to the most, but its funny as we get older how much less of an event they seem...

This year I turned 34. I`m not sure when it happened but at some point in my 20s I genuinely stopped being able to remember what age I was turning each year without counting, and I always struggled to remember my exact age when asked...

For the last year I`ve struggled to remember if I was 33 or 34 anyway, so actually turning 34 makes little difference...but to think that next year I`ll turn 35 feels strange! With only 5 years to go until 40...I mean really?! FORTY!!

That age seemed SO old to me just ten years ago, and suddenly I`m almost did that even happen?!

I still feel as though I`m 18 and when I hear my age mentioned I feel as though its somebody else being discussed, it can't possibly be me!

I guess I still struggle to see myself as a "real" grown up, because really I only truly grew up once I turned 30 - On my 30th birthday I was in quite a new relationship and I had no children!

Crazy to think that just 4 years later, I'm living with my partner talking about finally setting a wedding date, with two children! Life changes so much in the blink of an's almost unrecognizable in just 4 short years. Goodness knows how much more might be in store for me before 40 rolls around!

As far as birthdays go, 34 was pretty quiet - I'm not feeling too energetic at the moment for various reasons so I wanted a nice quiet, relaxed day with my family - I had some appointments to keep during the day, and the rest was spent opening presents, eating my lovely "Princess" birthday cake and packing our things for our holiday this week!

In the evening, I headed out with Jon and the boys for a lovely meal at an Italian restaurant we'd never tried before which was really lovely.

I was completely spoiled with gifts...I thought I'd show you what I got as I love seeing these kinds of things myself!

Jon gave me a lovely little selection of gifts, including this beautiful Willow Tree ornament which represents me and my two lovely boys

I absolutely adore it! I have started to collect Willow Tree figures this year, and this looks adorable with my Hope figure (which Jon bought for me at Christmas to represent looks like him, don't you think?!)
 I can't wait to build my collection up!

He also gave me this very cool Cup Of Destiny - I saw it in a magazine recently and mentioned how cool I thought it was, and he remembered!

I absolutely love anything to do with fortune telling, and this cup is designed to teach you how to read tea leaves - I can't wait to have a play with it!

He also bought me this beautiful Blog Planner, which hasn't arrived yet but I cannot wait to get my hands on - it's going to be such a saviour in keeping me organised with blog work and it's soooo pretty! It has all different pages for organising various aspects of blogging, I`ll be doing a full post on it when it arrives!

This Bill Bryson book is one of Jons old favourites and he's been telling me about recently as he thiks I'll enjoy it, I`ll be taking it on holiday to find out!

And my final gift from him was my favourite - He sponsored a little boy named Vachik from Armenia in my name!

I have other sponsored children through World Vision and I absolutely love the experience of hearing how they're getting on and how the sponsorship payments are helping their communities, and there's also the chance to exchange letters and send gifts to the sponsored children - Vachik isn't much older than Tyne and I think this is a lovely way to introduce Tyne to the concept of how children in other countries live very differently to us and to start a conversation about charitable giving.

From Tyne & Noah I got my favourite present ever....pyjamas!

Anyone who knows me knows they are all I ever want for birthdays and Christmas, I practically live in them and I cant have enough pairs!

I was also very spoiled by my parents who are paying for driving lessons for me! YAY! I have never tried to pass my test so i`m nervous but excited, I start next you might want to stay off Devons roads!

My mum and dad also sent a lovely package of parcels, which included more beautiful pyjamas and a gorgeous fluffy pink house jumper to wear over PJs instead of a dressing gown,

and these DVDS...i`ve seen both movies and LOVE them, and I can't wait to watch them again!

My sister also spoiled me with a £20 TK Maxx gift card, some chocolates and some pretty new glasses!

All in all I had a lovely here's to being 34!!!

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