Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Darlo at Freckled Frog: Review

One thing I love about having children is the chance to dress them in clothes I think are both cute and comfortable, and discovering new clothing brands and websites is a big thrill for me.

I recently discovered the website Freckled Frog which specialises in gorgeous clothes & gifts for children - they stock many of my favourite brands including Blade & Rose and Olive & Moss, but when they recently asked me to try out a sleepsuit from Darlo I was completely unfamiliar with the I did a little research.

Darlo is an ethical baby clothing brand founded by Chloe Hoole after she spent some time in developing countries such as Bolivia, India and Cambodia - upon her return home she felt the desire to set up an ethical business with giving at its core.

And so Darlo was born - Darlo is a totally different brand to any I`ve come across before in that the clothing is all ethical, organic and unisex. And what's more, every single Darlo item purchased provides meals for a child in India for one whole week - how fantastic is that?!

So I can purchase these beautiful, high quality, comfortable and adorable clothes whilst also knowing that my money is feeding a child in India - I am sold!

And Noah is pretty happy about it too!

The mint-grey sleepsuit from Darlo is available from Freckled Frog here priced at £19.00 - as you can see it is completely adorable, the mint & grey combination is just stunning and the material is incredibly high quality and washes just perfectly - what more could you ask for?!

There are many other items in the Darlo range that I have my eye on, including the beautiful Cotton Comfies set in the mint-grey combination - consisting of a vest, joggers & a bandana bib. There are also some super cute zippy suits in adorable colours!

To take a look at the full Darlo range, click HERE

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  1. What a lovely concept! Great to see more companies like this doing fab things to help others. X

  2. That is so cute, too. Noah is gorgeous!

  3. I adore the sleepsuit and may have to get it for Joseph as it matches him nursery. That is a good enough excuse isn't it?! ;-)

  4. That's just such a cute outfit on him. I like companies that operate ethically.

  5. Awww i love this how cute does he look. Love the concept of this by helping the needy.

  6. Noah is such a cutie. He's your double! I love Darlo products, we have a sleep suit and it's so soft and cosy.

    Cat x

  7. Noah is such a cutie and that outfit is lovely! I love the slightly different colours. x

  8. Enjoy it while it lasts because soon that adorable baby will be demanding to wear a pink tu-tu or dirty TMNT t-shirt to school. Lol. I love the concept that they donate to a charity with every purchase.

  9. Oh such cute photos - the outfit looks fab. I love the brand name too! Kaz x


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