Sunday, 27 September 2015

Getting your home ready for winter

Autumn is definitely my favourite time of year. I love the feeling of the change of the seasons as we all notice the leaves on the trees changing colour, as well as the wonderful smells of bonfires and the clean crisp air on a morning.

And it's also the time of year where we get to put on thicker coats and start to layer up. But it's not just our outfits that adapt to the dropping temperatures, as our homes will invariably feel the need for a little attention in regards to the coming winter months.

It's all about making your a cosy nest for you and your family to enjoy the run up to the exciting winter season. We've already had the central heating on for a couple of weeks in order to combat the falling temperatures, but I've been doing a little bit of research to see in what other ways I can bring a touch of autumnal warmth to my home.

The ever-stylish Decor8 blog has some great autumnal photographs that really brought home the essential components of this magical time of year. The soft yet rich colour palette of autumnal interiors seems to be inspired by the fruits of the season with rich apple reds, and wonderful ochres predominating in many stylish homes.

And soft furnishings are key to making your home a truly cosy place to be. I had great fun in choosing and arranging a variety of cushions and throws in my room which really softened things up. And many of the designs seemed to be inspired by the wonderful colours of the outdoors, especially with Baker and Bell's lovely cobweave woollen blanket providing a warm and cosy touch to my bed!

Of course, storing all of these blankets and throws somewhere once winter is over can provide something a headache. Storage is always an issue in my home, but thankfully there are a few smart storage solutions like Bedstar's range of Ottoman beds that can easily flip up and store any items until the next chilly season!

There's also something fairly homespun about the autumnal home. Big chunky knitted textures are perfect for providing warmth and comfort. And if you're feeling adventurous, then Let's Knit have some charming crochet patterns that are not only great fun to learn, but will keep your fingers busy too!

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