Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Halowe'en Fun with Aldi!

Hallowe'en is, without doubt, one of my absolute favourite times of year.

I just love the chance to dress up, spook myself out with ghost stories and scary films and of course get the kids involved!

Christmas will always be my number 1 time of year, but Hallowe'en is certainly a close second and as soon as it rolls around I know Christmas isn't far behind it which makes it all the more exciting.

Pre-Children I used to get dressed up and head to a friends Hallowe'en party every year...

As with any "event" or occasion, I absolutely refuse to let it pass uncelebrated and so I love to go all out on decorating the house, buying costumes, and doing whatever I can to get the kids excited about! Tyne is already excited about going trick or treating as I don't think he remembers doing it last year!

Every Hallowe'en we head to my Mum and Dads house to stay for a few days, and for the day itself she throws a fantastic Kids party - this is something that has been done since my own childhood!

Every year myself and my cousins would get together in our spookily decorated house, compete to see who had the spookiest costume, we'd sit together and have some "witches broth" (A bowl of scouse!) which we'd all stir together while chanting a spell!, then we'd go trick or treating around the neighbours houses and come back to share out our loot.

Can you spot me!?

Afterwards, it would be a night of Halloween games like Duck Apple (A version of bobbing for Apples that I think my family might have made bob for apples but when you do, your lovely family dunk your head in the water too!), Apples on a string, and spooky story telling (I'll never forget the year my Uncle told us a story about a ghost baby and actually hung up a doll outside the door for us to find afterwards...terrifying!).

The fun memories are endless, and I love that now all of our own children gather together every year at my mums house and have the same party and the same fun together.

I like to have my own traditions with the kids too, and we decorate our own house the week leading up to Halloween, carve pumpkins and I give them a Hallowe'en fun box with spooky themed books, dvds and activities to do.

This year Aldi have sent us this fantastic collection of Hallowe'en goodies, and I'm so impressed with their range! If you're having a Hallowe'en party you have to check them out - the Eat Drink & Be Scary plates and cups are amazing!

We also received a VERY frightening witches doorbell to hang up which will be fab at the Halloween party

As well as a fab ceramic snack plate which will be brilliant for the Hallowe'en party nibbles and Tyne absolutely loves his spooky bucket for Trick or Treating!

The Aldi Hallowe'en special buy range goes on sale on October 1st - don't you DARE miss out! ;)

Do you do much to celebrate Hallowe'en in your family?

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