Thursday, 24 September 2015

Is technology ruining your holiday?

Is technology ruining your holidays?!

I recently came across the below infographic from holiday favourites Center Parcs blog, and was pretty shocked to see just how dependent on technology many of us are today - even whilst enjoying holiday down time with our families!
Now I have to admit - I am NOT perfect myself, infact according to the quiz Center Parcs has created I am classed as Trapped In Technology! Eeek! - but my excuse is that I need to check my emails for work purposes, and being self employed means I don't often have the opportunity to take time off for every holiday we have - but I will certainly be making the effort to ensure that I disconnect for at least one of our family holidays per year!

Having said that, I actually doubt I'd be able to disconnect completely - would I want to stop using Instagram for a whole holiday? Sure I could capture photos on my main camera, but I love to have snaps of the kids there on my phone too.

As someone who lives a long way from home, I use Facebook to interact with my mum and extended family on a regular basis while on holiday - she enjoys seeing the snaps of what the kids are up to - is this something I'd want to stop?

I think at the end of the day its all about balance...the infographic below states that the average family takes SIX devices on holiday with them and that does seem pretty excessive!

I think a phone each is acceptable, but what other devices really need to come on holiday with us?!

How about you? Do you find it easy to disconnect from technology while on holiday?

Why not take the quiz and see well you do?

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