Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Me & Mine September

Now that Summer is officially over, I expected this months Me & Mine photo to set a more Autumnal theme - but typically the last week or so have been probably the sunniest and warmest of the entire Summer!!

We headed out this past weekend to a local beauty spot near Torquay seafront, we took a little walk and let Tyne ride his bike, and just took in the scenery and soaked up (what must SURELY be!) the last of 2015's sunshine on our skin.

I'm definitely not summers biggest fan, and I'm already excited for Autumn activities and crafts, and getting my Hallowe'en bake on - but I'll miss the sunny days like this, those days when you can head off out at 6pm for a walk and not need to take a coat with you.

September, much like every month this year, has been quite a busy one really.

We headed off to Skegness recently for a weeks holiday at Butlins after being lucky enough to be invited to review their lovely caravan park, we all had a wonderful time - well except Noah as we decided it wouldn't really be his scene (He's in that stage where he hates noise and disco lights, and lots of people around so we knew the shows that Tyne would love would be a nightmare for him!) and he headed off to stay with Nanny & Gagand to get spoilt rotten for a week instead!

It was nice to have some time with just Tyne again in a way, but we all missed Noah terribly - especially Tyne who asked for him every single morning without fail. Every baby he saw being pushed around Butlins, he asked if it was Noah - I think he must have thought we'd misplaced him somewhere along the way bless him! He seemed very confused by the whole thing.

This month was the first in the entire YEAR that we've actually taken our camera and tripod out to get a family photo - it was all going so well! Until we got there and realised we didnt have the essential bit of kit that connects the camera TO the tripod - doh! But a bit of a balancing act was performed and we got some shots at least.

After we were done, a lady walked past and saw us with the camera and offered to take a photo for us - I almost said it was ok as we'd already taken them but decided since she'd been kind enough to offer it wouldnt hurt to have an extra one - I'm so glad I took her up her offer as this photo above that she snapped is possibly my favourite of all four of us yet! Ok so Tyne is giving his standard "Cheeeeeese!" grin/grimace and Noah is barely visible in his pram - but I love it anyway! So thank you kind passerby lady! It's made me think I should always stop and offer to take a photo for people when I can, as you never know what precious memory you might capture for them.

This Month, Jon Is Loving:

*The start of the new season of The Middle - his favourite light hearted TV Show! (Coz I dont let him watch Walking Dead when i`m around, no thank you!!)
*The countdown to the new Stars Wars film

*Re-reading The Shining - and still being just as scared as the first time!

I am Loving:

*Planning things to do for Halloween & Bonfire Night, and looking forward to my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season!

*Learning new skills such as how to read tea leaves, and getting more involved with my more unusual interests like divination and spiritual development

*Finally starting up my driving lessons again! I`m only 2 lessons in, but I`m determined to try harder this time!

*Shopping for myself and the boys for Autumn & Winter, loving big oversized jumpers and everything mustard!

Tyne Is Loving:

*Watching Baby Sinclair on old episodes of Dinosaurs, and old 90s cartoons like Trap Door

*Meeting so many of his favourite characters at Butlins

*Going to the "Pirate Park" - a new park we've found nearby with a pirate ship!

*Learning more about colours

Noah Is Loving:

*His Jumperoo - and bouncing up and down even when he's not in it!

*Playing with his new Ambi Toys, and really getting interest in how to make them work

*Biting on his hands or the hands of anyone or anything who gets close enough to him! (poor Teething boy!)

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