Friday, 4 September 2015

Noah at 5 Months Old

Can you believe that my little Noah-Noo is 5 months old already?!

Well I certainly can't! But he is!

It feels like I only brought him home from the hospital a few weeks ago, yet somehow almost half a year has whizzed past...scary!

I feel as though, with second children, the "baby stage" lasts a little longer - at least in my experience so far. I guess because I`m much more distracted with having Tyne around but I almost feel as though I haven't quite noticed that Noah is actually growing up a lot...I've carried on kind of "babying" him, for example he was still in his newborn carrycot pram until the day before yesterday when it suddenly occurred to me that I should change it so he could sit up and look around.

Once we changed it over, he was absolutely enthralled looking around everywhere - having spent every outing looking up at the sky or the hood of the pram until now the world was clearly very entertaining to him! I felt pretty guilty about not having changed him over before now.

With that small change in my mind, when we got home I got out and dusted off Tyne's old Jumperoo - I had thought Noah wouldn't be ready for it yet but my Timehop app reminded me that Tyne had actually started using it at 16 weeks and so we thought we'd give Noah a try with it and see what he thought...

Well!! I have honestly never seen such a young child so absolutely deliriously happy!

I wish I had recorded his reaction as it was priceless! From the second we put him in there, he started jumping around, grabbing at all of the toys (which I didn't even realise he could do so well!), and LAUGHING like a maniac!

You know that hysterical kind of "This is the funniest thing I have EVER SEEN!" kind of laugh?! That's what he did for about 10 minutes straight!

He laughed even more when Tyne stood in front of him as he seemed thrilled to be standing at the same level as his brother and able to interact with him.

It was the cutest thing to see - Tyne was so excited to see Noah properly playing for the first time, and stood there with him saying "Noah can I teach you the colours? This is blue...this is red...this is yellow"....completely unprompted by anyone! That desire to impart his knowledge to his baby brother was just naturally there and it put a lump in my throat right away.

So yes, this month has certainly been the one in which I've seen by far the most change in Noah and it's just adorable.

He has the loveliest little personality and is such a happy little chappy - he is full of smiles and giggles, and just loves to be talked to and cooed at.

This week he had another set of immunisations, and instead of crying at all he just smiled at the nurse - she said that was extremely rare and was smitten with his gorgeous drooly grin!

Speaking of drool - there has been a LOT of that lately! He is teething up a storm - there've been no actual teeth through yet but the buds are definitely there and he is gnawing away on his fists constantly.

His night times are luckily not affected - he still goes down for the evening at 8.45 pm and sleeps straight through until between 7-8.30 am. He has been sleeping upstairs in his crib in our room for the past few weeks instead of downstairs with us until we go to bed.

The plan is to move him into his own room at 6 months but we'll see if I feel ready!

The other big change has been the world of food - weaning has begun! I'm following the same approach I took with Tyne which was to start with baby rice for a few days and move on to purees, Noah has taken to spoon fed purees really well and now eats a little lunch and dinner as well as his usual 6oz bottles (he's never increased from 6oz as he only just about finishes those.)

I don't have any plans to introduce finger foods for a while yet, but we'll see how it goes.

As for sizes, he's now wearing his 3-6 month clothing comfortably and is still in size 2 nappies.

Today we're starting our first term of Water Babies which will be a fabulous adventure for him - we'll be updating on our first lesson soon!

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