Friday, 18 September 2015

Noah's First Swim!

Before I attended Noah's first water babies lesson, I have to admit I was all kinds of anxious.
I'm a nervous person anyway and have always struggled to get involved in Mummy & Me type group activities with my kids as I hate forcing myself into social situations, but we were invited to try out a term with Water Babies and knowing that Noah is a little unsure of the water I thought the opportunity was too good to turn down.

Water Babies are a swimming school who operate local classes nationwide from birth, the classes are designed to be fun and informative whilst building babies confidence and abilities in the water.

The courses last for 10 lessons, and include an underwater photo shoot at the end...which I am very excited about!

So how did we get on with our first lesson?

I was scared of what to expect before we arrived, I was worried about things like how I'd manage to get in and out of the pool whilst holding Noah...I was worried about lots of things.

Once I arrived at the private pool where the lessons were held, I immediately relaxed.

I was greeted by a very friendly member of staff who explained everything to me and showed me to the changing rooms.

The other Mums were all very smiley and welcoming - I felt at ease.

Even more so when I headed for the water and found the class instructor, Tasche, all ready in the pool and taking each baby from their mum as they made their way safely into the pool - worry over!

The lessons itself was adorable - I can't think of any other words to describe it!

We all did everything as a group, we walked around in circles bouncing the babies up and down in the water, we "swam" them (Noah grinned massively at me throughout so clearly he was having fun!), we sang to them and we started to teach them "commands" to let them know to expect some water on their faces...

Noah amazed me by not crying or grizzling once (which he has done every time we've attempted swimming in the past!) - he seemed to love it!

He even did a quick underwater swim as Tasche dipped him and swam him to me - and he didn't flinch! Amazing!

We're both so excited for our next session and to see how Noah gets on as he gets more used to Water Babies techniques and spending more time in the water....we'll be reporting back on his progress soon.

To find out more about Water Babies classes or to locate your nearest class, please visit

Did your children have swimming lessons? 

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