Friday, 4 September 2015

Quirky Gift Solutions

We've recently been invited to a friend’s wedding which is lovely, except it leaves us in a bit of a dilemma. The couple in question have been together for a few years and have pretty much everything they need. Gone are the good old days of toasters and dining sets as gifts, and now whatever you get has to be memorable.

Quirky is and original what we’re aiming for!

I’ve compiled a list of some uniquely quirky gift ideas should you ever find yourself in this situation:

  • The personalised Marriage Survival Wedding Gift

Ok so very tongue in cheek, but fun and thoughtful at the same time. This oh so schmaltzy set contains lots of tiny fun items that will raise a smile and help the newlyweds remain sane.
The items included, among others,  a paperclip (to help them stay together), a rubber band to remind them that flexibility is the key, a candle to ensure that their future is always bright, sandpaper to help smooth over any rough times, a marble for when they feel they are losing theirs. Also included is a magnifying glass to remind them to always look out for one another, and a heart (for the love they share).

  • Retro sweets

These are a real blast from our collective pasts. The delights from our childhood whose tastes  were to be relished, and shared, just like the aforementioned couple will be relishing and sharing their newlywed status. Now they don’t have to be a distant memory of carefree youth and long summer holidays or walking home from school

Personalised sweet jars from the decade the happy couple most identify with is ideal. Simply select the item you require, add a label with your message and that’s it, it couldn’t be simpler! You can choose from a list messages to include with your gift, so it takes a lot of guesswork out of choosing something suitable for the lucky recipients. So whether they are in to Golf, flowers or football, young or perhaps not quite as young as they used to be, of offer a real taste from our youth we simply adore.

With over 600 varieties of retro sweets to choose from you’ll be spoiled for choice. Not only are they available in gift boxes, but also 250g bags (over half pound for us pre metrics!) gift jars, hampers, party bags, Mixed Penny Jars, and luxury handmade sweet jars as well! Spacedust, Parma Violets, Candy Prawns, Sweet Jewellery, the list goes on and evokes memories long since forgotten.
Even just the mention of these sweet treats brings back the smells and tastes of the local sweetshop. Yum!

  • Two Person Barrel Basket Picnic set

A very unusual design and a real departing from the usual rectangular wicker picnic basket. In Buff Willow and faux leather it look so stylish it would fit right in at Ascot, Henley or Cowes!
This delightful piece contains everything the couple needs for that special outdoor event. Items provided include China Plates, 2 x wine glasses, a corkscrew, stainless steel cutlery and a space for a bottle of wine or just your favourite tipple.

  • Lovers Name a Star Gift

Ok so we’ve all seen the ‘name a star’ gift sets available, but this really is that bit more unique.
The Lovers Name a Star set actually allows people to name two stars in close proximity to one another. It includes a personalised gift box, framed A4 personalised Certificate with the star names, 2 red heart Chocolates, and a guide to Northern Constellations Book   and a plotter to allow couples to locate the stars they have named.
Each pair  is recorded with the names provided by the couple and allocated unique star numbers from the Intergalactic Star Database.

Out of this world!

So which do you think we should go for?!

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